Bruin Bound Summer

Get Ready for Your First Semester!

In the beginning there was Genesis, and it was good. But now there’s Bruin Bound Summer, and it’s going to be very good.

Future Bruins, get ready for an adventure this summer! Bruin Bound Summer will give you all the tools you need to start your George Fox journey this fall. From class registration and meeting future classmates to getting your student ID card, we'll guide you through a roadmap of fun that ends at Welcome Weekend.

Navigate each checkpoint below to see the path to becoming a Bruin. Some steps can be taken at your own pace, but the roadmap is designed to show you the most ideal path forward. Be sure to read all the details included in each stop; some of the information will be sent to you as we go, so be on the lookout!

We are so excited for this journey ahead of you. Buckle up, have fun, and we’ll see you at Welcome Weekend!

bruin bound summer

Let's Get Started

Are you a student?

Great! Follow each of the stops on this page to start your George Fox Journey.

And download this printable checklist to help track your progress this summer!

Are you a parent?

Congrats! Take a look at our parent checklist to make sure you have everything ready for your Bruin this fall.

Eres un padre o madre?

Felicidades! Vea nuestra lista para padres para asegurar que tienen todo para que esté listo su Bruin para este otoño.

Here's a video our Admissions Counselors made to guide you through the process:


Pay Your Enrollment Deposit

Paying your enrollment deposit starts your Bruin Bound journey. It tells us you’re ready to join the George Fox community and can’t wait to be a Bruin!



Arrange Your Housing and Meal Plan

When you fill out the Housing and Meal Plan Intent form, it starts your housing and meal plan selection process. So exciting! The form, along with more information based on your specific situation, will be available in the housing portal accessed through MyGeorgeFox, the George Fox student portal.


Register for Classes

Once you’ve paid the enrollment deposit, you’ll receive a link to the Class Registration Form, which helps us work together to craft a great class schedule for you. Our academic advisors will map out your class schedule and share it so you and your academic advisor can review it together in a class confirmation appointment. Make sure to bring your questions with you to that meeting!

Also, don't forget to sign your Release of Information form (you'll use your MyGeorgeFox login for this) if you'd like your parents to have access to your academic information. 


Start Checking Your George Fox Email and MyGeorgeFox To Do List

Important information will be sent to your George Fox email address from various people on campus, including your professors, throughout the summer. Access your George Fox email and your To Do list through MyGeorgeFox. We’ll post items you need to take care of in your To Do list, so make sure to keep an eye on it!



Get Your ID Card

It’s the big moment! Get certified as an official George Fox student by sending us your ID card picture. We'll print your ID card with that photo and send it back to you so you can show your family and friends your Bruin pride!

Just don't forget to bring it with you to campus, because you'll use it a lot here! Instructions for sending us your ID card photo will be sent after your class confirmation appointment.


Figure Out Finances

You’ll need to “accept” any financial aid you plan to use through MyGeorgeFox. While you’re at it, make sure to send us any outside scholarships you've received. Check out instructions on the Bruin Bound Summer Financial Aid website. Then, make sure to take care of your payment and billing information. Details for this can be found on our Office of Student Accounts Bruin Bound page.


Apply for a Job and Register for Parking

If you plan to work on campus you'll need to apply for a job on Handshake. If you plan to bring a car to school you'll need to register it. Visit our  Parking 101 page for details.


Connect with the George Fox Community

We’ll provide opportunities for you to meet and interact with your future professors and classmates. And we really encourage you to take advantage of this so you know a few people before you even arrive. Plus, it’ll probably get you more excited than you already are for life at George Fox! Be on the lookout for more info on these opportunities!


Make Sure Your Parents Look at Their Checklist

As you might guess, there are important things for your parents to take care of to help you prepare to go to college. We've listed some of the most important at the bottom of this page.


You’re Almost There!

Now is the time to take care of last-minute items like buying books and purchasing dorm supplies. Also, don't forget to check out the Welcome Weekend website and get excited for the awesome experiences you'll have when you get here!

Once you've completed all the stops, get ready for ...

Welcome Weekend!

This is the end of the Bruin Bound road and the beginning of your George Fox adventure! We're so excited to welcome you to campus!

bruin bound summer

Hey Parents

Here are a few items you should check out before your Bruin starts class:

  1. Watch our Parent Information Sessions.
    • Watch the first one here!
    • Watch the second one here!
  2. Update your information with the university so that we can continue to send you updates and communicate throughout your students time as a Bruin.
  3. Help your student accept any financial aid they plan to use and send us any outside scholarships they’ve received. Check out instructions on the Bruin Bound Summer Financial Aid website.
  4. After your student registers for classes, please refer to our Office of Student Accounts Bruin Bound Summer page to set up your payment and billing information. To contact your student’s student accounts specialist, please click here.
  5. Talk through these dinner conversation starters:
    • What are you most excited for? What are you most nervous about? (Tell your student what excites you most, too!)
    • What could I do that would help you feel most supported?
    • What are some strategies you can put in place for healthy habits?
    • Need a refresher for how to do laundry?
    • What are some snacks you would want to receive in a care package?
  6. Buy some Bruin gear — time to show your college pride!
  7. Pray for and with your student
  8. Get your Kleenex or confetti ready!

Hola Padres y Madres

Aquí están algunas cosas de averiguar antes que su Bruin empieza sus clases.

  1. Estar pendiente de Sesiones de Información para Padres (más información vendrá por email).
  2. Actualiza su información con la universidad para que continuemos mandando las más recientes noticias y comunicando durante el tiempo de su estudiante es un Bruin.
  3. Ayuda su estudiante aceptar ayuda financiera que anticipan usar y envíanos becas externas que han recibido. Pueden ver las instrucciones en Bruin Bound Summer Financial Aid website.
  4. Después que su estudiante se registre para clases, por favor refiérase a la página de Office of Student Accounts Bruin Bound Summer page para configurar sus pagos e información de facturacion. Para contactar el especialista en cuentas estudiantiles, por favor sigue esta página.
  5. Recomendamos estas conversaciones con su estudiante sobre la cena:
    1. Que es lo que estas mas emocionada/o por? Qué es lo que estás más nerviosa/o por? (Comparte con su estudiante lo que usted está más emocionado por tambien!)
    2. Que puedo hacer para ayudarte sentir más soportada/o?
    3. Cuales son unas estrategias que puedas hacer para establecer hábitos sanos?
    4. Te ayudo a recordar cómo lavar tu ropa?
    5. Cuáles son algunos snacks que te gustaría recibir en un paquete de cariño?
  6. Compre articulos/ropa de Bruins — tiempo de mostrar su orgullo Bruin!
  7. Ora por y con su estudiante
  8. Aliste su kleenex y confeti!