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You Make a Difference

Every day, people like you make a difference at George Fox University. You help purchase the books our students read and the equipment that future nurses, engineers and scientists use to learn their trade. In short, you make a Christian education possible.

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Prayer requests received by George Fox phone-a-thon students

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Full-ride scholarships offered through Act Six since 2007

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Prayer requests received by George Fox phone-a-thon students

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Full-ride scholarships offered through Act Six since 2007

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Average award per student who requested textbook funding assistance

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Gifts to the Bruin Community Pantry in 2019 to provide meals to food insecure students

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Bibles gifted to incoming students in 2019

357 $1,000+ donors in the President’s Council

Giving Priorities

Every gift matters.
Here are just a few of the many ways you can ensure every student experiences the Be Known promise.

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Student Fund

Stand with Students

Stand with Students this year by giving to the Student Fund. The Student Fund supports scholarships, enables faculty to provide one-on-one mentoring, creates space for students to thrive, and provides for the unique needs of our students daily, making the Be Known promise a reality. By giving to the Student Fund you impact every student, every day. 

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Rendering of new chapel on campus

A Sacred Space

Coming 2024

As a community, we need a sacred space that inspires us to engage with the Living God and fosters spiritual growth. With your support, we can make this vision a reality and ensure that George Fox continues to glorify God in all that we do.

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George Fox students on campus

Student Emergency Fund

Coming to Students’ Aid in Time of Need

This fund supports students in need who are experiencing financial hardships due to unexpected occurrences of illness, technology costs to support distance learning, and travel expenses, among other needs.

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Bibles to be distributed to all incoming freshmen students

Faith Transformation Fund

A Commitment to Building Students’ Faith

Build on our mission to prepare students spiritually by donating to this fund, which provides a gift for every new student, The Life with God Bible, edited by alumnus Richard Foster (’64), when they arrive on campus.

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Act Six Scholarship Program

A Commitment to Leadership Development

This highly competitive academic and leadership scholarship provides a cadre of multicultural and/or first-generation students with four-year, 100-percent full-need scholarships.

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Students benefited from the Bruin Community Pantry fund

Bruin Community Pantry

A Commitment to Helping Our Own

Help provide for students who have limited access to healthy food while also funding resources to educate them on healthy eating habits through cooking demonstrations and educational programming.

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George Fox undergraduate students can get assistance to cover the cost of their required textbooks.

Textbook Assistance Fund

A Commitment to Equipping Our Students

Provide assistance for undergraduate students experiencing financial challenges by contributing to this fund, which helps cover the cost of required textbooks.

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2022-23 Presidentʼs Report

George Fox University is the largest private college in Oregon, and we recently enrolled our largest class in history. We’re launching new programs in healthcare to meet important needs in our community. It’s truly astonishing how far we’ve come in the last decade and all that we’ve overcome.”

- Robin Baker, President

Read 2022-23 Presidentʼs Report

President, Robin Baker, prays with students on campus

Our Stories

You truly can make a difference, but don't just take our word for it! Here are a few of the students whose lives have been changed by the generosity of our donors.

Helping students excel as scholars

For three summers, chemistry major Asteria Yiu worked diligently to research the synthesis of a thermo-responsive polymer that can be used for the delivery of anti-cancer drugs. Today, the 2019 George Fox graduate is pursuing her lifelong dream of being a pharmacist.

As a junior at George Fox, Asteria had the opportunity to present her research at the Murdock College Science Research Conference in Spokane, Washington. She subsequently traveled to New Orleans to present her findings at the American Chemical Society’s national meeting and exposition in New Orleans.

Helping make it all possible were donors who committed to financially supporting student travel costs to conferences. Each year, an average of $5,000 is given to students so they can showcase their work to the broader scientific community.

“I feel George Fox prepared me well, especially when it came to research opportunities,” said Yiu, named the Outstanding Biochemistry/Chemistry Major of the Year as a senior. “I was able to do research after my freshman year, which doesn’t really happen a whole lot at other schools.”

Students like Asteria depend on the generosity of donors to help cover their expenses to regional and national conferences, which in turn opens the doors to greater opportunities.

Helping Students Close the Financial Gap

Sophomore Dustin Garcia, the first from his family to attend college, is studying microbiology at George Fox in hopes of going to medical school and becoming a doctor. He also works full time and commutes from home every day in an effort to keep costs down.

Some weeks, he works back-to-back shifts to raise more money for school. His efforts have been rewarded: He has managed to make enough to pay tuition and cover living expenses. Still, at times he comes up short of being able to pay all his bills – a financial gap alleviated by the Textbook Assistance Fund.

The Textbook Assistance Fund provides assistance to undergraduate students like Dustin who are unable to purchase required textbooks due to financial hardship.

“The Textbook Assistance Fund was my lifesaver,” he says. “I feel like I never get breaks in life, but this fund gave me at least a little something less to worry about. It was a great help and allowed me to focus more on my studies instead of working more to get money for textbooks. I am very thankful for it.”

Act Six Scholar Gives Back

It wasn’t that long ago that Gustavo Vela-Moreno graduated from George Fox with a degree in civil engineering, but he’s already fulfilling a lifelong goal.

In the spring of 2017, Gustavo and his wife, Alma, along with other George Fox alumni, launched ReNew, a mentorship initiative for college-bound high school seniors in their hometown of Woodburn, Oregon. The initiative was inspired by the Act Six program Vela-Moreno participated in while at George Fox, which seeks to equip emerging urban leaders to return to their communities as agents of change.

“I like to empower others,” he says. “To be able to do that for someone else I think is really powerful.”

Gustavo first experienced what being empowered feels like as a student at George Fox, where he received a full-need Act Six scholarship, given annually to a group of diverse, multicultural students who show a desire to be leaders in their communities and make a difference for others when they graduate.

“I remember the encouragement I received, the level of investment of faculty and staff and the community,” he says. Now it’s Gustavo’s turn to give that same opportunity to the next generation.

Mikayla Flood

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me through your giving. Your gift has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders and my entire family’s as well. This has made such a huge impact on me, and I am not sure if I will ever be able to thank you enough.