Pre-Physical Therapy Program

If you’re looking for an undergraduate program that puts you on track for a career in physical therapy, George Fox offers an academically rigorous pathway that will prepare you for what’s ahead.

Join a community where you will receive a hands-on education with opportunities for research and internships. This is a learning environment where faith will be integrated into your coursework as you discover the complexities of the human body and how each of us is uniquely and wonderfully made.

Equipped to Succeed

As a bonus, you’ll benefit from the presence of our Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program, one of only a handful of Christian physical therapy degree programs in the nation. This gives you access to a larger group of faculty members, more research resources, and a broader network to leverage.

Our Community

You’ll benefit from our 16-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, which ensures you’ll receive the personalized attention you need to thrive. And with the career and academic coaching you will receive through our Career and Academic Planning Center, you have advocates who will help plot your course and find the physical therapy program that’s right for you!

You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with your peers by joining our athletic training or exercise science/kinesiology student-run clubs.

Our Faith

Beyond preparing you academically, our professors will take a vested interest in you as a person – willing to listen as you discuss your hopes and dreams for your career, as well as your growth both personally and spiritually. They also teach science from a Christ-centered perspective, recognizing God as Creator, so you won’t be attending a school where science and Christianity are at odds.

Isabelle Cisernos

Isabelle Cisernos

George Fox Class of 2018 & Doctorate of Physical Therapy (2021)

My undergrad experience at George Fox taught me how to be a hard-working and goal-oriented team player. These traits contributed to the curiosity and innovation needed for physical therapy school. Through undergrad and DPT alike, I have been molded into a successful clinician by the enthusiastic and caring communities around me.

students in the biochemistry class

What Will I Study?

We offer all of the courses necessary to satisfy the required competencies of most physical therapy programs. Students who wish to pursue this career most commonly choose to major in kinesiology.

Make sure to consult with your academic advisor early to set up a plan for a strong program. Doctorate of physical therapy admission requirements will vary considerably between different schools, so research into the specific prerequisites at your programs of interest should be conducted as early as possible and in partnership with your academic advisor.

While kinesiology is the most direct path toward a career as a practitioner of physical therapy, our own doctorate of physical therapy program will consider students from any academic background as long as all admission requirements are met. Eager to stand out as an applicant? We recommend coursework in advanced anatomy, neuroscience and advanced physiology.

In addition to meeting the academic entrance requirements into a doctorate of physical therapy program, most programs will ask for at least 100 hours of clinical experience, ideally in a physical therapy environment (either paid or unpaid).

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