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You deserve a university that won’t just give you the answers, but will teach you how to ask the right questions. You deserve an education that keeps your heart focused on Jesus and uses the classroom to expand your understanding of his character and plan for the world. And for you!

Christ is our cornerstone, and he is at the core of every course in our new general education program, the Cornerstone Core Curriculum.

The Cornerstone Core is a set of 12 courses across 10 academic disciplines that undergraduate students take at George Fox to cultivate their character within the Christian context and the Great Commandment: how to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, as well as love their neighbor as themselves (Matthew 22:37-40).

The result? Students discover their calling and purpose as they develop into the next generation of Christian leaders, equipped with the virtues of Christ and professional competence.

What is the Cornerstone Core Curriculum?

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What This Means for You

At George Fox our core experience in the Christian liberal arts isn't an afterthought! In fact the vast majority of Cornerstone courses are taught by our excellent and award-winning full-time faculty.

Meet the Professors

Cornerstone Core courses are taught by amazing faculty from each academic discipline. Meet a few of the professors you'll learn from in your first years at George Fox!

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Watch video: Todd Curtis: Meet the Professor
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A Deeper Dive into the Cornerstone Core Curriculum

What is the purpose of general education?

Every university requires its students to take entry-level courses across numerous academic disciplines before diving into an academic major – but why? The goal is for students to gain exposure to the breadth of academia beyond their academic major in order to become well rounded, develop critical thinking skills, and push themselves to learn new ideas.

We set out to create something deeper. Something more intentional. Something exceptionally true to George Fox University with Christ at the center.

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Simply being exposed to a variety of academic disciplines isn't enough.

At George Fox, we want our students to:

As students transition from general education to begin courses for their academic major, this capacity to love will be further developed in a concrete way through our degree programs that have a clear path toward excellence in professional work and advanced degrees.

In each academic department, students will be mentored by caring faculty who equip them to overflow the love of Christ into “all the world” (Matthew 28:16-20), including Christian ministries, teaching, engineering, commerce, art, law, healthcare, social work and the like.

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Course Descriptions

The role of the Cornerstone Core is to form the whole person within the context of biblical truth and Christ’s character. Accordingly, each course in our general education program is designed to accomplish a common goal: deepen faith, broaden worldview, and cultivate character formation.

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Program Skills

  • Written & oral communication
  • Ethical reasoning
  • Empirical & Quantitative reasoning
  • Digital & information literacy
  • Cross-cultural literacy
  • Logic & problem solving

Program Features

  • Digital hybrid deliveries
  • Transfer friendly
  • Diverse epistemologies
  • Flexible scheduling
  • History of ideas

Parents Get a Chance to Learn, Too

George Fox parents are invited to participate in a free online course that provides the opportunity to experience some of Cornerstone Core content that students are learning while they're away at school. Once your student has started classes at George Fox, you'll receive an email invitation to participate in this special course, designed just for families and supporters of George Fox students.

General Education Alternatives

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Great Books Honors Program

The honors program pairs rigorous reading material with discussion-based classes. These challenging discussions are grounded in the common understanding of faith, dignity and respectful dialogue.

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George Fox digital graphic

George Fox Digital: First Year Online

George Fox Digital is an immersive online-learning experience that empowers students to complete general education requirements within the flexibility of remote education. This program equips students to graduate in four years – one online and three on campus.

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Photo of Tristan Panke

Tristan Panke, Class of 2020

I am indebted to my professors and peers in the honors program for showing me what the intellectual life looks like and for instilling in me a lifelong hunger for wisdom and for a greater understanding of God and of the world. Through my experience, I have learned more of what it means to be fully human and to live a life in pursuit of God.