Doctor of Physical Therapy

At A Glance

30 Peer-reviewed publications, books & presentations in 2023
1,000+ Patients treated in local and global medical service in 2023
100% NPTE Pass Rate: Ultimate (2022-23)


Newberg, Oregon


In-person, full-time

Students per cohort


Program length

2.5 years with the first summer off (127 credits)

Average cost per academic year

$38,100* - more

* All stated financial information is subject to change. Financial aid available.

Extend Compassion. Drive Innovation.

3 students help a guy on an exercise ball

Join forces with dedicated physical therapists in a compassionate learning community and unleash the power of human potential. You’ll conduct groundbreaking research with your professors, master the latest technology in one of the region’s top facilities, and put your knowledge to work in service opportunities that span the globe.

You’ll also partner with students across disciplines to provide holistic care to people of all ages. This is more than a degree program – it’s a pathway to an extraordinary career and a meaningful life.

Empower Everyone You Serve

Create knowledge that advances the field of physical therapy and be part of a program that leads the nation in comprehensive patient care.

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Two students in Physical Therapy program working with a patient

Experience a Community of Compassion

A commitment to service unites us, and this shared sense of purpose will add incredible richness to your relationships with professors and peers. You’ll find open doors instead of office hours, collaboration instead of competition, and a supportive family that sticks with you for life.

Ryan Baugus“I practically lived in that PT building for three years,” says Ryan Baugus, who works with NFL athletes and patients of all ages as owner of Headquarters Physical Therapy. “We all relied on each other to do what needed to be done, and there was a lot of camaraderie. I loved it.”

Community & Service

Student gives presentation

Unleash the Power of Innovation

Help lead the national conversation on issues ranging from diagnostic ultrasound to holistic practice to incorporating physical therapy access into primary care. You’ll focus on research for an entire year and present your findings to professors, the healthcare community and the public at our annual Research Symposium.

Gavin McBrideEveryone here has an innovative spirit,” says Gavin McBride, who specializes in geriatric cardiopulmonary care for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. “ If you have a research question, career goal or business idea, the culture is supportive. No one will limit your possibilities.”

Innovation & Research

Group of students take turns in a wheelchair

Emerge with Life-Changing Strength

This is your chance to establish yourself as a leader in health care. Add to our collective wisdom, make your presence felt throughout the greater community, and use your newfound strength to improve lives and advance the practice of physical therapy wherever your career path leads.

Jaydee Romick“The faculty in the George Fox DPT program were instrumental in preparing me to go out and chase big dreams, ask hard questions and redefine the world of physical therapy,” says Jaydee Romick, director of clinical success for Motusi, a health technology company. “They are here for a bigger purpose.”

What Makes Our Program Strong

Student writes on whiteboard

What will you learn?

Get ready for an intellectually challenging — and incredibly rewarding — educational experience. You’ll immerse yourself in comprehensive course work, collaborative research projects and clinical internships that prepare you to excel in every aspect of your professional life.

Explore Our Courses

It’s important to note that your education at George Fox won’t end when you graduate. Our continuing education opportunities will inform your life’s work and help you keep learning on the leading edge.

Our Faculty Expertise









Get to Know Our Faculty

What does clinical education look like at George Fox?

A significant part of the program consists of 6 weeks of part-time and 33 weeks of full-time clinical training in various settings, including private practice, hospital acute care, orthopedics, pediatrics and neurologic rehabilitation facilities.

George Fox University provides clinical rotations that give you a chance to explore many domains of physical therapy and essentially create a concentration that interests you. These rotations, coupled with research projects, will boost your confidence as you enter physical therapy practice.

What are student outcomes at George Fox?

  Two-Year Average (2022 & 2023)
Graduation Rate 100%
NPTE Pass Rate: First Attempt 88.4%
NPTE Pass Rate: Ultimate 100%
Employment Rate 98.9%

Updated in January each year

Physical therapy is a growing career field, due in large part to advances in medical technology that have allowed doctors to save and treat more people who will go on to need physical therapy after or in coordination with their primary medical care.

Physical therapists earn an annual mean wage that is higher than the national average for all occupations. Increasing demand for their services may result in higher wages in the future.

Job Outlook & Salary

State Licensure Links & Reciprocity Table

Students earning their license through the George Fox DPT program have reciprocity to practice in all 50 U.S. states.

State Does student have reciprocity to practice in the state? Link to State Licensing Agency for Inquiries re: New License
Yes No Don't Know
Alabama Yes AL: PT  Licensing
Alaska Yes AK: PT Licensing
Arizona Yes AZ: PT Licensing
Arkansas Yes AR: PT Licensing
California Yes CA: PT Licensing
Colorado Yes CO: PT Licensing
Connecticut Yes CT: PT Licensing
Delaware Yes DE: PT Licensing
Florida Yes FL: PT Licensing
Georgia Yes GA: PT Licensing
Hawaii Yes HI: PT Licensing
Idaho Yes ID: PT Licensing
Illinois Yes IL: PT Licensing
Indiana Yes IN: PT Licensing
Iowa Yes IA: PT Licensing
Kansas Yes KS: PT Licensing
Kentucky Yes KY: PT Licensing
Louisiana Yes LA: PT Licensing
Maine Yes ME: PT Licensing
Maryland Yes MD: PT Licensing
Massachusetts Yes MA: PT Licensing
Michigan Yes MI: PT Licensing
Minnesota Yes MN: PT Licensing
Mississippi Yes MS: PT Licensing
Missouri Yes MO: PT Licensing
Montana Yes MT: PT Licensing
Nebraska Yes NE: PT Licensing
Nevada Yes NV: PT Licensing
New Hampshire Yes NH: PT Licensing
New Jersey Yes NJ: PT Licensing
New Mexico Yes NM: PT Licensing
New York Yes NY: PT Licensing
North Carolina Yes NC: PT Licensing
North Dakota Yes ND: PT Licensing
Ohio Yes OH: PT Licensing
Oklahoma Yes OK: PT Licensing
Oregon Yes OR: PT Licensing
Pennsylvania Yes PA: PT Licensing
Rhode Island Yes RI: PT Licensing
South Carolina Yes SC: PT Licensing
South Dakota Yes SD: PT Licensing
Tennessee Yes TN: PT Licensing
Texas Yes TX: PT Licensing
Utah Yes UT: PT Licensing
Vermont Yes VT: PT Licensing
Virginia Yes VA: PT Licensing
Washington Yes WA: PT Licensing
West Virginia Yes WV: PT Licensing
Wisconsin Yes WI: PT Licensing
Wyoming Yes WY: PT Licensing

About George Fox

U.S. News & World Report lists George Fox as a “Best National University,” and The Princeton Review includes the school on its “Best Regional Colleges” list. The Doctor of Physical Therapy program is aligned with the institution’s mission: to prepare students academically and professionally to think with clarity, act with integrity, and serve with passion.


Megan Bingham

Megan Bingham

Admissions Counselor, Doctor of Physical Therapy

For more cost information, view our cost of attendance (COA) for graduate programs, as well as our tuition and financial aid page and financial fact sheet for our DPT program.