Tuition and Fees

Projected Tuition, Fees, and Technology Costs

The standard undergraduate tuition rate does not apply to students who matriculate into the George Fox PA medicine program. The following table outlines the program’s expected tuition, fees and living expenses for cohort 1 of the Master of Medical Science.

It should be noted that tuition and fees might change from year to year, subject to economic influences, university needs, and needs of the program. Please note: This table is exhaustive and includes many costs that exist regardless of the academic process.

                  Cohort 2022

Tuition and Fees

Year 1

Year 2

Tuition Academic Year ($747.44/Semester Hour) Levelized Tuition $50,826 $50,826
Program Fees ($1,733/Semester) $5,199 $5,199
Diagnostic and Technology Costs Year 1  Year 2
Diagnostic Medical Equipment (estimate) $1,050
Technology Supplies (Computer; iPad, etc.) (estimate) $2,500 $200
Other Costs Year 1 Year 2
Criminal Background and Sex Offender Registry Search, National Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Scan, Residency History, and Social Security Alert Estimated Cost $150 $150
12 Panel Urine Drug Screen Cost (estimate) $41 $41
Compliance Tracker, which includes:  (1) Signed Technical Standards Form, (2) CPR Certificate, (3) Immunization Status, (4) TB Screening Results, and (5) Release Form for TB and Immunizations (estimate) $35 $35
Manditory HIPAA and OSHA Certification $15 $15
Professional Organization Fees $100 $100
Textbooks and Miscellaneous Supplies $1,000 $1,000

Health Insurance Based on George Fox Policy

$2,953 $2,953
Graduate parking Sticker $100 $100
Graduation Fee $165

NOTE:  Additional costs for housing, transportation, and food should be considered in the cost of education.

Additional financial information for graduate programs can be found here.

Tuition Refund Policy

For information regarding the financial ramifications for program withdrawal, please read the George Fox University policy.