Policies on Removal of Institutional Charges & Financial Aid

Process for Leave of Absence or Withdraw

Explanation of Terms

Removal of Institutional Charges

Students enrolled in traditional undergraduate courses fall or spring semester who reduce their course load but don’t withdraw completely from the term, generally receive a full reduction of tuition related charges during the first two weeks of the semester, after which there is no adjustment. (There is no adjustment within the 12 to 18 credit tuition “block”.)

All other students who drop or withdraw from classes, on or after the first day of the session, will receive a removal of tuition, room, and board consistent with the following policy.

First "week"* 100% of charges removed
Second "week" 90% of charges removed, $25 drop fee assessed
Third "week" 75% of charges removed
Fourth "week" 50% of charges removed
Fifth "week" 25% of charges removed
Sixth "week" or later all tuition charges remain

*Each "week" refers to 6.363% of the course session length. Sessions always begin on a Monday and can be found at MyGeorgeFox > Student Center > Manage Classes > View My Classes > Select Term and Class > Enrollment Deadlines (not to be confused with "Meeting Dates"). 

Adjustments of charges for summer graduate housing will generally be calculated as follows:

If you would like to estimate the impact of dropping or withdrawing from a course, please visit class.georgefox.edu. Find your desired course and click "Withdraw Tuition Adjustment Estimator."

After the second week of the enrollment period, there is generally no adjustment of health insurance, student body fees, health and counseling fees, parking permit fees, registration fees, penalties and fines, and course fees.

Students are required to follow policies and protocols while on campus. Any student that fails to follow protocols or engages in behaviors that create safety hazards for themselves or others may be expelled and trespassed from campus. If such action is taken, there will be no refund of any sums paid or owing.

Students requesting medical or hardship financial considerations must do so in writing to the student accounts office within 30 days of Withdraw / Leave of Absence Form submission, otherwise the above percentages of tuition removal will be used.

For information regarding potential enrollment deposit adjustments, please see the enrollment deposit page for your program.

Note: No transcripts will be released until two weeks after the student's account is paid in full. This includes current charges, balances that are the result of financial aid funds returned, and fines that may be assessed after the student leaves.

Removal of Institutional Aid

If a student withdraws and, or is granted a removal of tuition, George Fox University generally allows the student to retain a percentage of the disbursed institutional financial aid equal to the percentage that they have been charged, but the resulting credit may not exceed the personal payments posted on the student account. (The type of institutional financial aid retained on account is at the discretion of the financial aid office.)

Removal of Title IV Funds

These policies apply to students who withdraw entirely or take an approved leave of absence from George Fox University without earning credit for the enrollment period, or to students who are asked to withdraw for academic, disciplinary, or financial reasons.

Students who are attending sessions within the semester and then withdraw from all current active sessions are considered as withdrawn unless they indicate in writing that they intend to attend future registered sessions within the semester. For information on this process, please see the Student Withdraw/Leave of Absence Form or contact the registrar's office. 

Note: Both The Return of the Title IV Funds and Removal of Institutional Aid policies and the George Fox University Removal of Institutional Charges Policy must be considered when determining the financial impact of withdrawing completely from the university.

Return of Title IV Funds

Federal law requires that all Title IV funds disbursed to the school be included in the return calculation, including funds in excess of the student account balance that the institution has forwarded to the student and eligible funds pending disbursement (see Post-withdrawal Disbursement).

The percentage of Title IV funds returned is based on the number of calendar days the student was enrolled, including the established withdraw date, and allowable charges.

Students who have attended more than 60% of the payment period are considered to have earned the Title IV aid disbursed and no return is required. A calculation is done to determine if the student has reached this point and to determine if the student is eligible for a post-withdrawal disbursement (see below).

To estimate the amount that will be returned to federal aid programs:

(Example: If a student's withdraw date is established as the 21st day of a period that is 111 days long, 21 days would be divided by 111 days to equal .1892, which converts to 18.9 percent. This is the approximate amount of aid retained. One-hundred percent minus 18.9 percent equals 81.1 percent of aid that must be returned.)

When considering the impact of withdrawing, it is recommended that an estimated calculation be requested from the Student Accounts Office prior to deciding to withdraw.

In accordance with federal regulations, the return of Title IV funds is made in the following order:

  1. Unsubsidized Stafford Loans
  2. Subsidized Stafford Loans
  3. Perkins Loan
  4. Grad PLUS (for graduate students)
  5. Parent PLUS (for parents of undergraduate students)
  6. PELL Grant
  7. FSEOG
  8. TEACH Grant
  9. Iraq Afghanistan Service Grant

Unofficial Withdrawals: When it is determined that a student unofficially withdrew from the university (stopped attending) because of circumstances beyond the student's control, the university will process a return of Title IV calculation based on the date the university determines is related to the circumstances. All other unofficial withdrawals will use the 50% point of the payment period, or the last date of attendance at an academically related activity, if that can be determined.

Students who are determined to have attended more than 60% of the payment period are considered to have earned their federal aid and no return of Title IV is required.

Return of Title IV Funds by the Student

When the Return of Title IV Funds calculation results in the student (or parent for a PLUS Loan) having a repayment responsibility, the Office of Student Accounts will notify the student of his or her responsibility.

Post-withdrawal Disbursement

When a post-withdrawal disbursement is available, the institution may, without the student's or parent's permission, credit the late disbursement to the student account to cover allowable institutional charges. When loans are applied to the student's account, the student is notified of the disbursement. If the student wishes to cancel all or a portion of a loan, they must do so, in writing, to the financial aid office within two weeks of receiving notice of the disbursement.

When the post-withdrawal disbursement results in excess funds being available to the student, or when pending disbursements are needed to cover minor non-institutional charges: