Public Relations Concentration

Are you a champion of honesty? A straight talker and a defender of the truth? An effective communicator who loves to tell stories that empower others? The public relations profession needs people like you!

In the midst of crisis, companies rely on their public relations team to share important information with clarity and thoughtfulness, while protecting the integrity of the brand to the best of their abilities. PR practitioners pitch ideas to reporters during product launches, coordinate global events with analysts and media teams, and find the perfect story at the perfect time to reach their audiences in powerful ways.

We’re one of few small private Christian colleges in the Pacific Northwest that offer a full concentration in public relations, which is part of our communication major. With that distinction comes a responsibility to take our faith seriously in the classroom. We emphasize an ethical approach to public relations practice, providing you not only with the practical know-how on doing the job, but how to do it with honesty and integrity.

By graduation, you will be prepared to enter the job market in any number of fields, including:

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Why Study Public Relations at George Fox?

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What will I Study?

You will take communication courses that prepare you for public relations careers involving content creation, data visualization, journalism, research, social media and technology. With an interdisciplinary approach to communication, you will also take a common core in communication and rhetorical theory.

Specifically, the curriculum covers:

  • PR campaign strategies
  • Effective use of social media
  • How to write press releases that get published
  • How to connect your client with the desired public
  • Developing the right PR campaign for the right audience
  • Using data analysis to drive your PR campaign
  • A required internship in PR in order to graduate (we have a department director of internships to help with this process)
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