Art and Design Majors

Art & Design majors study at George Fox, a top Christian college

Choose from four majors:

Growing Fields

With employment growing at a rate* of 13 percent across all areas of visual design, 38.7 percent in web design, 13 percent in arts administration, and 8 percent in fine and craft-based arts, there has never been a better time to study art.
* Burning Glass Technologies, 2018

Professional Preparation

The Department of Art & Design focuses on professional preparation. Our students get the training and mentorship they need to pursue a career and life of fulfillment through art. They become well-versed in the creative process and design thinking that is highly sought by cultural institutions and businesses, both regionally and throughout the world.

With partnerships throughout the region and a weekly visiting artist series, you will have opportunities to meet practicing professionals, take on internships, and engage in client-driven work while still in college.

Diverse Media

As a major in our department, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a range of media – painting, printmaking, drawing, ceramics, photography, interaction and print design, branding, interior design and drafting, curation, digital illustration, and many other media-driven practices – all at a Christian art college where professors know you by name.

With five different bachelor of arts degree programs to choose from, our robust offerings give students opportunities to gain both breadth and depth in areas they are most interested in. Students in our program craft large-scale murals; develop freelance illustration portfolios; create the logos and visual branding for regional businesses; design layouts and structures for residential properties; work alongside artists to install and curate exhibitions; and much more.