Grading and Exams

Final Exams

Official final exam room and time assignments are available to view within MyGeorgeFox or by week five of the semester. Please be sure to check your final exam schedule early for any conflicts.

Academic Standing

Academic standing pertains to your status with the institution. All students at George Fox have specific academic expectations for which they are responsible. Eligibility for certain activities, financial aid and continuation as a student at the university is dependent on student academic standing based on GPA.

Grading Policy

Semester grades are determined by the instructor's evaluation of the student's daily participation in class, performance on periodic tests, work on research papers and class projects, and achievement on final examinations.

Incomplete Grades

Occasionally, extenuating circumstances occur that prevent students from completing coursework during a given semester. In such occasions, a student may apply for an incomplete for the course.

Faculty Grading Information

Final grades are due at midnight on Sunday, one week after the end of the course. Official grades need to be posted on the MyGeorgeFox grade roster. See instructions on entering grades, changing a grade or submitting an incomplete grade resolution.