Grading Information for Faculty

Need instruction on how to change grades? Enter midterm grades? The following resources are available to help you navigate these tasks and others that pertain to grading:

Grading Policies

Review details about our grading system and grading criteria. Reminder: Our grading system does not contain the grades "A+" and "D-".

Grading Schedule

Faculty are expected to submit final grades onto the MyGeorgeFox grade roster in a timely manner. Final grade rosters become available to instructors on the Sunday of the last week of the course.

Grades are due one week after the end of each class by midnight on Sunday. See the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Submission of a Grade Change by Instructor

Grade changes should be submitted through the grade change form which is accessible in MyGeorgeFox (MyGeorgeFox instructions). You can navigate there by visiting the Faculty/Advisor Homepage, clicking “Faculty” and then “Grade Change.”

This form should be used for:

Grade changes require the approval of the dean, and the form will be automatically routed upon submission.

Related academic policies for students: