Financial Aid

for Adult Degree Program (ADP) Students

At George Fox, we know an important factor in choosing a school can be cost. That’s why we strive to make school as affordable as possible. Virtually every George Fox student who can demonstrate financial need is offered federal and/or state funds to assist in meeting the cost of attendance.

When students explore what it will cost to attend George Fox, there is a real difference between the total cost of their education (tuition, books, fees, etc.) and the amount they’re expected to pay. Financial aid reduces the gap between the two.

Below we’ve outlined the steps involved in the financial aid process. Although not every step is required for all students, it is important to complete those required for your situation.

  1. Complete the FAFSA

    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) opens sometime in December for the following academic year. You must submit the FAFSA annually in order to apply for federal, state, and some institutional financial aid.

    Important note: The FAFSA calculates an Expected Family Contribution (EFC). The EFC is not what you will pay for college, but an “index” number used to determine your financial need.

    Our Title IV Federal School Code is 003194.

    Have questions about the FAFSA? Visit our FAFSA resource page.

  2. The university will not receive your FAFSA information or be able to process your financial aid offer until after you have received notification of being admitted to your degree program.

    Learn more about applying to the Adult Degree Program or contact an admissions counselor for more information.

  3. Award letters will be available in May if you are fully admitted and have submitted your FAFSA.

    Once you’ve reviewed your financial aid, you will need to accept or decline your awards through your MyGeorgeFox account. Check out our instructions to learn more about how to do this.

    Watch | How to Accept / Decline Financial Aid

  4. The financial aid office will inform you of what forms and documents are required from you via your To-Do List in MyGeorgeFox. Items are continuously added throughout the year, so make sure to check your list frequently. Check out our instructions for help with finding your To-Do List in MyGeorgeFox. We recommend completing items by July 15 (fall semester), December 15 (spring semester) or April 15 (summer semester).

    How do I find my To-Do List?

    Go to and log in with your student account. Click the Tasks icon and then individual to do items for further instruction.

    Watch | How to check your To Do List

  5. Each year, the U.S. Department of Education randomly selects approximately 22% of those who complete the FAFSA for a process called verification. This does not mean the selected students did anything wrong; it is just a means of ensuring that the FAFSA was filled out properly.

    George Fox University may also select some students for verification that have not been federally selected.

    New Students: If you are selected, you will be required to provide specific verification documents. Your offer letter is an estimate until verification is complete. Check your MyGeorgeFox To-Do list or contact your financial aid counselor for details.

    Returning Students: If you are selected, all verification documents need to be submitted and verification completed before you will receive your financial aid offer. Check your To-Do list or contact your financial aid counselor for details.

  6. There are many scholarship opportunities from sources outside George Fox. We’ll help you find them through our Outside Scholarships Page.

    It’s important that you report any outside scholarships you earn to the financial aid office. This will allow our office to include the anticipated scholarship on your financial aid offer and decrease the amount due to student accounts at the beginning of the semester. We’ve provided instructions on how to report them.

    Watch | How to Report Outside Scholarships

  7. If you aren’t able to cover your balance out of pocket, often it is necessary to take out an alternative loan to help cover the gap. It is important to start the process early. Private loans can take several weeks to get processed. You must apply annually to qualify. See our Loans page for more information. We recommend applying for loans by July 15 (fall semester), December 15 (spring semester) or April 15 (summer semester).

  8. George Fox, in compliance with The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), requires written consent of students before releasing protected information from their academic records. To consent to the release of confidential information to a third party, you must complete this form, which gets submitted to the registrar's office. All information is required.

Continuation of financial aid requires that the student maintains a good academic standing and maintains satisfactory academic progress.

Contact Us

If you have any questions at all, stop by our office on the second floor of the Stevens Center, give us a call at 503-554-2302 or schedule an appointment online. We’re here to help!