Rick Muthiah

Rick Muthiah

Director of Learning Support Services


Brooks Lampe

, PhD

Associate Director of the Academic Resource Center

Assistant Professor of English

Director of Writing Program


Julia James

Julia James

ARC Coordinator



Marlee Baker

Major: Social Work

Fun Fact: I used to re-enact The Phantom of the Opera with my beanie babies when I was a kid. 

Marie Christensen

Major: English

Fun Fact: I write epic fantasy when I'm not doing homework.

Ashton Hoffman

Major: Psychology and English

Fun Fact: For my 21st birthday, my parents bought me signed first editions of all five of the original Percy Jackson books. I was ecstatic. 

Emily Hudgens

Major: English Literature

Fun Fact: I am part robot.

Lewis Jablonski

Major: Organizational Communication

Fun Fact: The library is my second home. 

Edith James

Major: Psychology

Fun Fact: I can't whistle.

Libby Kerns

Major: English

Areas of Interest: French, Political Science, music, art, exercise

Fun Fact: On my 18th birthday, I woke up to discover I was a British meme.

Hannah Lee

Major: Communication Arts

Fun Fact: Oatmilk is my favorite milk.

Mckenna Lloyd

Major: History and English

Fun Fact: I enjoy watching crime and conspiracy documentaries.


Jordan Lockwood

Major:  English

Fun Fact: I love D&D. 

Jaime Miller

Major: English

Fun Fact: My hometown population is 680. 

Kiale Palpant 

Major: English 

Fun Fact: I have rock climbed at a filming location of Pride and Prejudice.

Manesha Ram

Major: Psychology

Fun Fact: I am a plant hoarder.