Jazmine Anderson

Major: English

Areas of Interest: Writing, reading, leading Young Life

Fun Fact: My hometown has a population of 1,081. 

Megan Beam

Major: International Studies and Journalism

Areas of Interest: Photojournalism, aesthetically pleasing movies, activism, people's stories, cross-cultural living, snarky rebellion, rock climbing, adrenaline rushes

Fun Fact: I have visited five out of seven continents. I just have Australia and Antarcticaleft.

Elliot Coulter

Major: English

Areas of Interest: Editing, reading, writing fiction and poetry, YouTube

Fun Fact: I’m a YouTuber in my free time.

Hannah Dierdorff

Major: English

Areas of Interest: reading and writing poetry, hiking and backpacking, cooking, playing piano, being crazy with my family

Fun Fact: My middle name is the meaning of my first name.

Ashton Hoffman

Major: Psychology and English

Areas of Interest: Reading, writing, and doing research, APA, statistics, crocheting,identity and gender research, fandoms and general geek-ness, the mysteries of motivation and inspiration, the beauty of a well-written sentence, pretty much anything blue

Fun Fact: For my 21st birthday my parents bought me signed first editions of all five of the original Percy Jackson books. I was ecstatic.

Emily Hudgens 

Major: English Literature

Areas of Interest: Reading (mostly Russian literature), my caffeine addiction, theology, philosophy, advocacy, marine biology

Fun Fact:  I'm actually part robot.

Libby Kerns

Major: English

Areas of Interest: French, Political Science, music, art, exercise

Fun Fact: On my 18th birthday, I woke up to discover I was a British meme.

Rachel Marcelia

Major: English

Areas of Interest:  Writing, reading, cooking, music (voice, violin, piano), running

Fun Fact: I drank so much coffee and developed such a strong caffeine addiction during my freshman year that I had withdrawals for an entire month after going home for the summer.

Adrian Moons

Major:  English

Areas of Interest: Reading and writing short fiction, socks, assembly lines, hip hop

Fun Fact: I was an amateur blacksmith at one time.

Anastasia Reinhardt

Major: Computer Science, English

Areas of Interest: I love reading, especially science fiction! I also enjoy writing poetry and eating ice cream.

Fun Fact: I am rarely seen without my coffee in hand.

Kyler Schubkegel

Major: English / Philosophy

Areas of Interest: Classical piano, hiking, theology memes

Fun Fact: I have developed a strange but joyful affinity for argyle sweaters and socks.

Hannah Wiley

Major: English

Areas of Interest: I love gardening and cooking. Also, I'm taking a ceramics class for the
first time this year.

Fun Fact: I am a licensed massage therapist.