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Get a $1,500 Scholarship

Great news! Once you’re admitted to our OTD program, you’ll receive a $1,500 scholarship that you can apply to your fall 2024 semester tuition. We want you to get off to a strong start as you prepare for your OT career, and we’re extending this offer to all admitted students. Contact us for more details.


Occupational Therapy student working with a child

Beginning with its inaugural year (2024-25), the occupational therapy doctorate program’s average annual cost will be $38,143. The program is 2.8 years in length. The cost per credit is $890, and the tuition cost for the entire 120-credit program is $106,800.

We’re committed to making our occupational therapy doctorate program as affordable as possible. A financial aid counselor will walk with you through each step of the financial aid process to ensure you receive all the assistance that’s available.

The board of trustees reserves the right to adjust charges at any time, after giving due notice. No changes will be made during a semester, nor, unless special circumstances make such action necessary, will changes be made during a given academic year.

Financial Aid

Virtually every George Fox student who can demonstrate financial need is offered federal funds to assist in meeting the cost of attendance.

As you explore what it will cost to enroll in the occupational therapy doctorate program, you’ll discover there is a real difference between the total cost of your education (tuition, books, fees, etc.) and the amount you’re expected to pay. Financial aid reduces the gap between the two.

Check out the steps involved in the financial aid process. Although not every step is required for all students, it’s important to complete those required for your situation.

Outside Scholarships

External scholarships are also available for occupational therapy doctorate students. They must be counted as part of your total financial aid award and be reported to your financial aid counselor in MyGeorgeFox (George Fox login required).

There are many scholarship opportunities for students from sources outside George Fox University. Visit our Scholarship Resource Center for information on finding outside aid to help pay for your education.


Trisha Stickler

Trisha Stickler

Admissions Counselor, Occupational Therapy Program

George Fox University is required to make cost of attendance (COA) information publicly available on this website.