Pre-Pharmacy Program

Looking for a people-serving position that incorporates your love of science? A career in pharmacy may just be the ticket. And because George Fox offers all of the prerequisites to enter pharmacy school, we can help you get there.

So, what differentiates our program? In addition to offering the prerequisite courses you need, preparing you professionally, we integrate faith into learning and approach science from a God-as-Creator perspective. We are the largest Christian college in the Northwest to offer a pre-pharmacy program.

And, with our small classroom size (16-to-1 student-to faculty ratio), you can be assured you will receive plenty of personalized attention from faculty members who know you by name and are vested in your future.

Most students who pursue a career in pharmacy major in biology or biochemistry, but you can choose any academic major we offer as long as you take certain specific courses required of your pharmacy school of choice. Whatever major you choose, you will need a sound background in math and science. Good communication skills are also important, as is a broad general education in the social sciences and humanities.

Is a Career as a Pharmacist for Me?

You might picture a pharmacist as someone behind the counter at your local drug store, but the scope of the profession is much broader than that. In addition to compounding and dispensing medications, pharmacists also may conduct health and wellness screenings, administer immunizations, teach other healthcare practitioners about proper medication therapies for patients, and provide advice on healthy lifestyles.

Types of Pharmacists

Student in the biology lab

What Will I Study?

Your course of study will vary depending on your major, but you must take certain courses to meet pharmacy school requirements.

  • Your course load will include classes in biology (human anatomy and physiology, advanced physiology, general biology, advanced human anatomy) chemistry (general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry), physics (general physics) and mathematics (statistical procedures, calculus). It is also recommended you take courses in psychology, communications and economics.
  • We offer undergraduate research and clinical job shadowing opportunities, and many of our students engage in research both at the university and at Oregon Health & Science University.
  • You should also focus on learning as much as you can about medicine, ethics, etc., from physicians, local hospitals, and other health professionals. Shadowing a pharmacist can be helpful in determining whether you would really like to have a career in the profession.
  • As getting into pharmacy school is competitive, you should choose electives that will demonstrate your knowledge and dedication to learning. Select your major based on what you enjoy and what you feel you will do well in academically. However, most pre-pharmacy students choose to major in biology or biochemistry.
Serena Ferris

Serena Ferris

2016 Graduate, Pharmacist, Roseburg, Oregon

I took many courses at George Fox that helped prepare me for the rigorous demands of pharmacy school. Taking classes such as advanced anatomy and physiology, genetics, microbiology, and organic chemistry gave me a strong foundation in the sciences before attending graduate school. The biology department allows students to thrive in an academic environment where they have access to professors who care about their success, not only in classes but also in their future careers. I am grateful for my George Fox education and the opportunities for career growth it has afforded me since graduation.