Biblical Studies Major

Biblical Studies majors at George Fox study at one the West Coast's top Christian colleges.

Discover the God of the Bible as a Biblical Scholar

A biblical studies degree opens a world of possibilities. Biblical scholars teach in universities, churches and youth groups and find employment as chaplains, lawyers and leaders of nonprofits. They also solve historical and archaeological problems and guide others toward truth through the habits of conversation and reading.

Others in the field conduct research, writing articles and books for both popular and specialized audiences that transform the way we think about the Christian faith. Ultimately, biblical scholars trained in the theological and academic study of the Bible lead others into a life-giving encounter with the God of the Bible.

A World of Career Options

Our recent biblical studies majors have found immediate success after graduation in a number of positions around the world:

  • Head youth minister at Westside: A Jesus Church
  • Psychiatric and military chaplaincy
  • University professor
  • Tour guide and program assistant at the Tantur Institute, Israel
  • MA studies and seminary preparation at Princeton, Emory, Yale, Harvard Divinity School and Boston University

Recent graduates have had a 100 percent acceptance rate into seminaries and graduate programs that place them on track for service in churches or into doctoral programs. George Fox’s biblical studies major is the program of choice in the Pacific Northwest for students looking for the intellectual foundation to serve the church and engage the minds of others.

Apply Scripture to Today’s World

The field of biblical studies combines aspects of ancient language learning, history and research into the Mediterranean and ancient Near Eastern cultural world of the Bible with deep theological reflection, faith formation and a transformative relationship with God and God’s people.

Students may specialize in the Old Testament or New Testament, and coursework in a variety of areas helps students view Scripture holistically, faithfully and with a mind toward the world we live in today.

Data shows that those majoring in topics like ancient languages, history, religion and philosophy rank near or at the top of standardized, law school and other graduate-school entrance exams such as the LSAT and GRE.

In addition, courses within biblical studies help students foster the exact skills ranked as most desirable by Fortune 500 companies, such as problem solving, processing complex information, understanding human desire, verbal and written communication, teamwork, and the ability to influence others.

A Service-Oriented Career Path

Biblical scholars are of service to people. They work with people from all walks of life and at many intellectual levels to ensure that Scripture is understood with both clarity and nuance. They devote themselves to the pursuit of meaning on behalf of others – to reading, writing and thinking deeply about what matters most in a confusing world. They devote themselves to engaging with the spiritual hunger of those around them, and walk with others down a path toward understanding.

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Major Requirements

Complete the following:

This course is part of the Biblical Studies curriculum and is planned to help the student understand and apply sound principles of Biblical interpretation. We will study the history of interpretation, general hermeneutical principles, specific hermeneutical lenses, and how to apply them to different kinds of Biblical literature. Prerequisite: BIBL 100 Bible Survey, BIBL 101 Literature of the Old Testament, or BIBL 102 Literature of the New Testament, or by permission.
This course is a senior level capstone study for Bible majors and minors. Having gained reasonable command of biblical content, students study the connecting theological themes that make the Bible a unified revelation of God. History of biblical theology, critical issues, and questions of contemporary theology are addressed. Prerequisite: BIBL 290 Biblical Interpretation and at least two upper-division BIBL courses.
As an introduction to Christian theology, this course considers the basic doctrines of the Christian faith and their application to contemporary living.

Choose 8 hours of the same biblical language (201 and 202) from the following:

A beginning course in the Greek of the New Testament, including vocabulary, grammar, declensions, conjugations, and special constructions. The First Epistle of John and various other selections from the New Testament are read.
A beginning course in the Greek of the New Testament, including vocabulary, grammar, declensions, conjugations, and special constructions. The First Epistle of John and various other selections from the New Testament are read. The second semester may be applied as biblical studies major credit. Prerequisite: GREK 201 Hellenistic Greek I.
Students will be introduced to the basic vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of ancient Biblical Hebrew.
The language of ancient Israel as preserved in the Hebrew Bible is encountered inductively through the reading of Biblical texts. Students will continue to master basic vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of Hebrew. The second semester may be applied as biblical studies major credit. Prerequisite: HEBR 201 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew I

Choose one of the following:

An analysis of the concept of Bible teaching in a small-group setting. Classroom practice in using the various methods as they relate to home Bible studies, camp settings, or the Sunday school.
A practical course providing methods and introductory techniques for preparation and delivery of Christian speaking as ministry. A variety of message construction types will be studied, and students will have opportunity to speak and receive student and instructor evaluation. This course will cover sermon preparation and delivery, devotional and inspirational speaking, extemporaneous sharing, and broader aspects of communicating Christian truth.

Choose 18 hours of BIBL courses


  • BIBL 100 Bible Survey (4) may not be applied to the major
  • One semester of BIBL 101 Literature of the Old Testament (3) or BIBL 102 Literature of the New Testament (3) may be applied as biblical studies credit
  • GREK 301/302 Hellenistic Greek III and IV may be applied as biblical studies credit
  • No more than 2 semester hours in BIBL 495 Special Study may count toward major requirements

Jobs and Graduate School

George Fox biblical studies majors use Scripture as the basis for their education.

Our graduates serve the church in many ways, ranging from teaching and pastoral roles to youth and camping ministries. Graduates of our program have reported a near 100 percent rate of finding opportunities for Christian ministry or gaining admission to the seminary/graduate school of their choice.

  • Professor of Biblical Studies and Northwestern Semitic Languages, UCLA
  • Professor of Theological Studies, Loyola Marymount University
  • Chaplain, U.S. Armed Forces
  • Bible Teacher, Westside Christian High School
  • Pastor to Youth and Children, Dundee Covenant Church
  • Assistant Professor of New Testament, Yale Divinity School
  • Youth Pastor, Reedwood Friends Church
  • St. Andrews University (Scotland)
  • Yale Divinity School
  • Princeton Theological Seminary
  • Oxford University
  • Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
  • Tübingen University (Germany)
  • Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Denver Theological Seminary
  • Duke Divinity School
  • Asbury Theological Seminary
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Regent University
  • Portland Seminary
  • Edinburgh University (Scotland)
  • Leadership and Discernment in Biblical and Practical Perspective
  • Mikhail Bakhtin and Biblical Studies
  • The Father-Son Relationship in John: Equal, Subordinate, or Neither?
  • Peace and Conflict Resolution in the Bible
  • Qualitative Study on Government Action for the Development of Youth in Jamaica
  • Slavery and Sonship with Pauline Corpus
  • Thomas Merton and the Authority of the Church
  • First Corinthians 10:9 and its Theological Implications
  • An Analysis of Contacts between the Gospels of John and Luke

Student Experiences

Joshua Garcia

"Because of the rigor of the courses at George Fox, I have been able to perform well at the graduate level. I am very familiar with what is expected in research papers and presentations because the faculty at Fox held me to a high standard."

- Joshua Garcia

Brooke Greenburg

"My experience at George Fox was incredible. I couldn’t have found a better place to learn and grow. I am particularly thankful for the College of Christian Studies. The professors, students and administrators contributed to my growth in ways I never expected. I felt supported, encouraged and challenged during my time here."

- Brooke Greenburg

Points of Distinction

  • Receive solid training in ancient biblical languages.
  • Learn from faculty who have years of pastoral experience and are internationally known published scholars.
  • Be a part of a program rooted in rigorous study of the biblical text in its original contexts and devoted to the meaningful application of biblical truth with contemporary relevance.
  • Graduate one semester earlier if you attend Portland Seminary.

Why George Fox?

Christ-centered community

Our faith influences everything we do here, from the way our professors teach to the way we relate to one another and serve in the community.

Global opportunities

More than half of George Fox undergraduate students study abroad, ranking George Fox among the nation's leaders in study abroad participation (U.S. News & World Report).

Small classes

Our 14-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio means you'll get to know your professors on a personal level.

National recognition

George Fox University is a Christian university classified by U.S. News & World Report as a first-tier national university, and Forbes ranks George Fox among the highest Christian colleges in the country.