Residence Life

You belong here.

We believe that living residentially at George Fox University gives students the opportunity to be known in the context of healthy community.

In Residence Life, our hope is to develop students with an inward, outward and forward focus, grounded in a Christ-centered context. Our goal is to contribute to and support the student learning process. We desire to journey with students through our programming, community connections and resourcing, and building environments for students to thrive.

We believe this approach has the potential to develop the whole person so that students leave our residential community at George Fox and are equipped to live faithfully and authenctically, to lead their communities, and to serve their neighbor.

Inward - Outward - Forward

Inward | Identity and Faith Formation

We believe that what we do is an overflow of who we are. By searching out and sharing our stories, we grow in awareness of and confidence in who God uniquely created us to be.

Outward | Community Engagement

We believe that community is the host of shared experiences, interdependence, and transformation. It is the place where we can be seen, challenged, comforted, and called forth to live with integrity to our authentic self in the context of others who are engaging in that same work.

Forward | Leadership Development

We believe that true leadership is the byproduct of living congruently with our image-bearing self. Our impact on our world depends upon our growing awareness of how God has designed us, our commitment to cultivating the unique gifts and skills God has given us, and our faithfulness to stewarding what we have for the sake of others.

Diversity in Residence Life

Residence Life is committed to a culture of civility, respect, and inclusivity in everything we do.

As a department, we value diversity in our staff and student leaders regardless of their identities. To that end, we are particularly mindful of our students who would identify as members of historically underrepresented communities, and we value partnering with those who demonstrate the ability to help us achieve our vision of a diverse and inclusive community.