Special Student Registration

What does "special student" mean?

"Special student" refers to students who do not intend to enter a degree/certificate program or who plan to enter a degree/certificate program at a later time, but would like to take classes before being formally admitted to a degree/certificate program.

Special Student Categories

Class Selection

Offered courses can be found at class.georgefox.edu. Special students are restricted from taking courses in programs using the cohort model or requiring admission to the major. Also, courses in the following programs do not allow special student registration:



Those interested in taking classes with prerequisites must be able to provide proof of completed prerequisites or equivalent coursework. Enrollment is granted on a space-available basis and is at the discretion of the professor and department chair.

Special Student Access

While actively enrolled in university coursework, a special student has access to class attendance, course materials, and required classroom technology. Entrance to class meetings is restricted to students appearing on the official enrollment roster for the class.

A special student is not entitled to access activities, services or resources that are generally available outside of class to admitted students, such as, but not limited to, the following:

Special students are expected to adhere to the university's Standards of Conduct policy.


Please contact the registrar's office at 503-554-2218 or email questions to registrar@georgefox.edu.

Regular admission is required to enter a degree/certificate program. Please contact the Office of Admissions for more information. Special student enrollment does not guarantee subsequent admission to any degree/certificate program.