On-Campus Events & Activities

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Students cheering in the George Fox stadium

On-Campus Events

Whoever said college was all work and no play? Certainly nobody at George Fox! Our Student Involvement team, headed up by students, hosts an on-campus event for students every weekend, so there’s never a shortage of things to do!

Here are just a few of the regular events that make campus life at Fox such a blast:

Students performing in the Lip Sync event

Lip Sync

Lip Sync event sign

Get your group together, plan your moves and music, and perform in front of your friends. The house is packed every year, and the winners get $500.

microphone doodle

Sadie Hawkins Dance

Sadie Hawkins Dance

Board a giant boat with your friends and dance the night away as you cruise the Willamette River.

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Students dashing in the Color Run event

Color Run

Two students whose faces are covered with colored chalk

Dash through the Canyon as your friends pummel you with colored chalk. Can you think of a better way to spend an afternoon?

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The venue for the 80s dance gets all decorated for 80s theme

’80s Dance

Journey! Cyndi Lauper! Duran Duran! Celebrate the decade your parents came of age by jamming to classic tunes and dressing in your leg warmers, hot-pink Polos and Madonna-inspired lace headbands.

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Students playing board games on the Game Night

Game Night

Student laughing

Hang out in the Hadlock Student Center and play games! We've got video games, board games, and plenty of food.

Students playing basketball in the gym

Intramurals and Fitness

Got game? We’ve got the place for you. Our Hadlock Student Center hosts intramurals in everything from volleyball and basketball to dodgeball and badminton. And with all the group fitness classes we offer, you’re sure to stay in shape! Oh, and did we mention we have a pretty awesome rock-climbing wall?

Sunday in the Park with George

Concerts and Theatre Productions

Celebrate the arts! Attend a concert in Bauman to support our student and faculty musicians, and be sure to check out theatre productions in Wood-Mar Auditorium.

Students dancing at the event "Loudest Dance You've Never Heard"

Loudest Dance You've Never Heard

Students dancing together

You'll be handed some synchronized headphones as you squeeze into the library for a silent dance! Take your headphones off and have a laugh watching people around you sing without the music.

Students set up tents in the quad

Campus Campout

As a sophomore, you'll gather a group of friends and camp out in the quad the night before Juniors Abroad registration. Plenty of shenanigans will unfold.

And this is only the beginning. Hundreds of athletic events, theatre performances and student concerts take place throughout the year. At George Fox, boredom is not an option!

Get Involved

Whether you join a club, run for student government, organize a dance or write for a publication, there are countless ways you can get plugged in to campus life at Fox. We encourage you to make the most of your time here!

Here are just a few of the ways you can get involved:

  • Be a photographer
  • Join one of the event planning committees
  • Help with marketing and design
  • Be in a promo video
  • Lead our student section at athletic events as a superfan
  • Serve as one of the ambassadors from your residence area
Photo of Alice Marchuk

Alice Marchuk, Class of 2021

I’ve worked with Student Activities for two years now, and it has completely changed the course of my college experience. I’ve really loved helping plan crazy events (up to 15 a semester!) and market them to the school, which is valuable experience for a future career.

Student Government

Want to flex your leadership muscles? Serve as a class representative or run for one of the other elected positions to work hand-in-hand with our administration on crafting the student experience for our Bruins.

As a member of our Student Government team, you may serve in the following positions:

  • Living area representative
  • Class representative - Class representatives are responsible for representing the opinions and voicing the concerns of fellow class members, serving as a liaison between students, faculty and the administration, and working to improve the general welfare of all students.
  • An executive position (President, VP, VP of Finance, etc.) - Executive positions provide leadership for all student government affairs and represent students’ interests to the university’s administration.


The Crescent - illustration

Love to write? Take photos? Check out our student publications. The Crescent, our student newspaper, keeps the student body informed of what’s happening, while The Student Collective serves as a yearbook, packed with profiles, photos and fun memories from the year. And, for you creative writing lovers, we offer an outlet for your poetry and prose in The Wineskin.

Love to swing dance? Play board games? Read comic books? You’re in luck!

With some 50 organized clubs on campus, you’re sure to find one that interests you. Or, if it doesn’t exist, you can start your own! Clubs allow you to make new friends and give you an outlet to express your passions and interests, develop leadership and management skills, and enhance your overall George Fox experience.

Fencing club in the quad

Check out a sampling of the clubs we traditionally offer:

  • Athletic Training Club
  • Black Student Union
  • Comic Book Club
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Fencing Club
  • Fusion (Asian American Club)
  • Hawaii Club
  • Investment Club
  • LatinX Heritage Club
  • Third Culture Kids
  • Speech and Debate Club
  • Spikeball Club
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club
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