Members of our business faculty bring decades of industry experience – as small business owners, financial planners, senior vice presidents, wealth managers, management consultants, certified public accountants, and senior directors of marketing, among many other experiences – into the classroom.

Beyond their expertise, they recognize that business goes beyond the bottom line. At the core of their teaching is the belief that people come before profit, that ethics and integrity are paramount in the world of business, and that each student who crosses their path is worth investing in.

Debby Thomas

Dean, College of Business

Director, Doctor of Business Administration

Lanelle Chase

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Management, and Business as Ministry

Peter Fisher

Executive in Residence

Wendy Flint

Assistant Professor of Management

Director of Undergraduate Business Programs

Kara Grant

Kara Grant, PhD

Assistant Professor of Economics

Ryan Halley

Ryan Halley, PhD, CFP®

Professor of Finance & Financial Planning

Shawn Hussey

Associate Professor of Business

Kelly Schmidt

Assistant Professor of Management

Paul Shelton

Director of Business Analytics Program

Professor of Business and Analytics

Seth Sikkema

Seth Sikkema, DBA, CPA

Professor of Accounting

Jim  Simmons

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Tim  Veach

Tim Veach, DBA, MBA

Associate Professor of Management

Brandy Walton

Visiting Assistant Professor of Business

Chengping Zhang

Chengping Zhang, PhD, CFA

Professor of Finance