Readmission to the Adult Degree Program

The following information is for students who enrolled in the George Fox University Adult Degree Program, but who have not yet graduated and need to complete the requirements to do so. The Adult Degree Program was formally known as the Department of Professional Studies and the School of Professional Studies.

You will need to reapply to the adult degree program if you:

  • Were on a Leave of Absence and did not attend classes after the one-year limit for a Leave of Absence
  • Were not on a Leave of Absence and skipped a semester of taking classes at George Fox University, resulting in a passive withdrawal from the university
  • Did not complete your general education, elective, or major classes and stopped attending the university
  • Were placed on academic suspension, resulting in at least one semester away from the university

How to Reapply

  1. Complete the Readmit Application: Complete the Readmit Application
  2. Complete the Application for Degree, only if you plan to graduate within two semesters of returning: Complete this form online.
  3. Official Transcripts: If you have taken any additional classes since attending George Fox University, please order official transcripts to be sent to:

    Office of Admissions
    George Fox University
    414 N Meridian Street #6089
    Newberg, OR 97132

  4. $200 Enrollment Deposit: Students reapplying to the university will be required to submit a $200 enrollment deposit. The only exception by which a reapplying student does not need to submit this deposit is if a student was previously charged for and paid the $105 graduation fee.
  5. Contact your Enrollment Counselor: Please develop your degree plan with your enrollment counselor so that you have a firm plan in place to complete your degree.
  6. George Fox reserves the right to request additional application information, references, or transcripts for readmission consideration.

Readmission Policies

George Fox University is only authorized through its accreditation to allow a student to graduate if the student has completed the general education, elective, and major requirements in the current year of the student's enrollment at the university. If a student must reapply to the adult degree program (per the criteria listed above), the student may have to complete additional general education, elective, and/or major classes in order to satisfy the current requirements of the degrees that the university currently offers.

While a student may have completed some of the requirements of their degree when originally enrolled at George Fox, those requirements may no longer be satisfied due to changes in the general education, elective, or major requirements of the degrees the university currently offers. A student must maintain consecutive semester enrollment to remain under the catalog year requirements of their original admission year/semester. A readmitted student without consecutive enrollment will be required to complete the degree requirements of the current academic year.

The following requirement changes may affect students reapplying to the adult degree program:

  • Language/Math/Computers - Students who were admitted to the adult degree program before the summer 2008 semester, and now need to reapply to the adult degree program, may be required to complete a math class if they previously completed either a language or computer class. Language and/or computer classes no longer satisfy the current math-only requirement.
  • Management and Organizational Leadership - Students who were previously enrolled in a management and human resources major, or a management and organizational leadership major with classes such as: Saturday Seminars, Leadership Literature, or a Senior Research Project, and now need to reapply to the adult degree program, may need to complete additional classes in the current Management and Organizational Leadership major to satisfy the current degree requirements of the major. Credits obtained through Saturday Seminars, Leadership Literature and/or a Senior Research Project classes may apply towards a student's elective credit requirements.
  • $200 enrollment deposit - Students reapplying to the university that must complete additional classes in a major, and who did not previously submit a $200 enrollment deposit, will be required to do so. The only exception by which a reapplying student does not need to submit this deposit is if a student was previously charged for and paid the $105 graduation fee.

Each reapplying student has a unique situation which will be evaluated by an enrollment counselor in conjunction with recommendations and direction from faculty members with specific historical and current knowledge of the adult degree program majors that the university has offered and currently offers. Not all requirements apply to every reapplying student.

Enrollment in general education and/or major classes is dependent upon class availability and class-size limits. Completing the readmission process does not guarantee enrollment into specific/needed courses.