2024 Eclectic Texts Conference (ETC)

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In the fall of 2024, George Fox University’s Department of Language and Literature will launch the inaugural Eclectic Texts Conference (ETC), a two-day event aimed at combining popular cultural texts with academic research for the purpose of sharing how these texts both create their own influence while simultaneously drawing influence from other texts throughout history.

Join us on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 25-26, in Room 105 of the Hoover Academic Building for “Taylor Swift: The Voice of an Age,” where we’ll discuss the literary and cultural impact Swift has had on our culture.


Taylor Swift: The Voice of an Age

Call for Papers

In the fall of 2023, Indiana University Bloomington made international news with its “Taylor Swift: The Conference Era.” George Fox is following up with its own conference to consider Swift’s place within literary, political, religious and popular culture, while welcoming undergraduate research into conversation with professional scholarship.

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Possible paper topics include:

This is just the beginning, not where the storyline ends. We will see you in October!

Submit 300-word paper proposals to gfu-english@georgefox.edu by Sept. 13, 2024.

Who Is Invited?

Everyone who wants to learn about why pop culture matters and how it engages a long history of literature!

ETC brings undergraduate research into conversation with graduate and professional scholarship to create a space where:


Register by Oct. 13 to attend!

There are two registration options available:



The conference is scheduled Oct. 25-26, 2024, on the George Fox University campus in Newberg, Oregon. On Friday, we’ll host a keynote speaker and view the Long Pond Studio sessions. On Saturday, we’ll host panel sessions in the morning and afternoon and a keynote speaker during brunch. Our final speaker will close the conference in the afternoon, with the event scheduled to finish by 5 p.m. You can register for Saturday’s lunch if you are not on a George Fox University meal plan.
Yes! This conference is open to all who love Taylor Swift or want to consider her role in today’s culture more deeply, including pastors, teachers, parents and fans. We particularly want to invite “Swifties” (even those in middle school and high school) to attend! The event is a great opportunity to learn even more about Swift, experience a university campus, and see firsthand how a liberal arts education can help you think more deeply about the things you love.
This is a teaching conference, so we want to invite those with little or no conference experience to take part in the fun of presenting a conference paper. In particular, we welcome all undergraduate, graduate, and professional scholars to present on all things Swift. Papers from unaffiliated scholars, community members and “Swifites” will all be considered. Proposals are due by Friday, Sept. 13, and are to be submitted to gfu-english@georgefox.edu.
A conference paper proposal poses the question your paper will be considering, gives some context for why this question matters, offers a tentative thesis, and describes how you will make your argument. The proposal should include the paper title, follow MLA formatting, and be about 300 words in length (give or take 10%).
A conference paper is 15 minutes long (about 7.5 double-spaced pages, 12-point Times New Roman font). Papers are presented as part of a panel. A panel is a grouping of papers, typically three, that are thematically linked that conference presenters put together. After all three papers are presented, there is a time for questions. Presenters, especially undergraduate and graduate presenters, typically read prepared papers. Some presenters like to use a slideshow to accompany their paper.
Email your 300-word proposal (outlined above) to gfu-english@georgefox.edu. We will review the proposal and let you know if your paper is accepted for the conference. While we hope to include most paper submissions, sometimes a paper simply doesn’t fit the conference theme or have the necessary academic value.

Once we’ve reviewed your proposal, we’ll email you to let you know if your paper has been accepted. By Oct. 1, we will have the conference schedule available so you know when and where you will present. You can register for the conference at any time, and even if your paper isn’t selected, we’d love for you to attend!

You can come for whatever speakers and panels interest you! Even if you are only coming to one session, please register so we know how much coffee, tea and cookies to provide.
Newberg has many hotels and other accommodations to offer. If you are looking for lodging, check out our recommendations on this page for deals and discounts..
We will have a remote attendance option! Email gfu-english@georgefox.edu with “remote conference attendance” in the subject and we’ll coordinate with you directly.
Please ask! You can email gfu-english@georgefox.edu with any additional questions.