Faculty & Staff

As a student at Portland Seminary, you’ll be surrounded by diverse faculty mentors who bring a wealth of ministry experience, biblical expertise and sound scholarship into the classroom. Most importantly, they are Christ followers seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance as they walk alongside you in your pursuit of Jesus and his call on your life, wherever it may lead.

Whether you seek to develop your skills as a pastor, chaplain, educator, or leader of a ministry, nonprofit, business or parachurch organization, you will be taught by those who have walked – and continue to walk – on these paths. Ultimately, they are available to offer their expertise, counsel, encouragement and guidance as you shine the light of Christ in your life, vocation and community. 

Table of Contents

Dean & Directors

Tammy Dunahoo

Executive Dean of Portland Seminary

Loren Kerns

Associate Dean of Academic Operations

Clifford Berger

Director, Doctoral Programs

Darcy Hansen

Darcy Hansen, DMin

Associate Director, Doctoral Programs

Jen Macnab

Jen Macnab, MPA

Assistant Director of Academic Engagement, Doctoral Programs


MaryKate Morse

Professor of Leadership and Spiritual Formation

Kurtley  Knight

Assistant Professor of Spiritual Formation

Ekaterina Lomperis

Richard B. Parker Assistant Professor of Theology and Wesleyan Thought

Jeney Park-Hearn

Assistant Professor of Practical Theology and Formation

Leah Payne

Leah Payne, PhD

Associate Professor of American Religious History

Melissa  Ramos

Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible

Ekaputra Tupamahu

Assistant Professor of New Testament

Director, Seminary Masters Programs


Rachael Fissell

Rachael Fissell

Executive Assistant to the Executive Dean

Mollie Henkelman

Mollie Henkelman

Student and Community Success Coordinator, Masters Programs

Heather Rainey

Program and Operations Coordinator, Doctoral Programs

Haley Holman

Haley Holman

Admissions Counselor, Portland Seminary

Trisha Welstad

Trisha Welstad, DLd

Director, Institute for Pastoral & Congregational Thriving

Director, Leadership Center