Parking Permits

New Parking Policy for 2022-23

There have been significant changes in parking areas this year, so be sure to look over your new parking map to ensure you are in the right place.

The university parking registration fee has been incorporated into the Student Fee, so students will no longer need to pay an additional out-of-pocket fee to register their vehicle. Students bringing a vehicle to campus must still register their vehicle and obtain a parking permit.

New students or students with housing changes may order a permit this year. All residents may order a resident parking permit, and all commuters may order a commuter permit.

  • If you have a permit from last year and DID not change vehicles or housing you DO NOT need to register again. 

Vehicles must be parked in the lots assigned to their permit designation. That means resident permits may only park in resident lots, and commuter permits may only park in commuter lots.

Parking Permits

Parking Permit Placement

Staff (Full-Time Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Staff)

Adjuncts Who Are Coaching Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Current Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Type of Permits

Commuter (Gold Permit)

Resident (Blue Permit)

Graduate (Green Permit)

Parking is designated around the Roberts Center

Temporary Permits

Visitor Permits

Good Neighbor Parking Permit

Campus Public Safety is not responsible for parking information you receive from anyone but us.

Contact us at 503-554-2090 or

The Campus Public Safety office is located at 212 Carlton Way, next to Weesner House.