Vehicle Reservations

Need to reserve a van? Twelve-passenger vans are available by reservation for George Fox University employees and students who plan to use them for a school function.

Vehicle Request Form

Drivers must be members of the George Fox community, have at least five years of driving experience with a valid driver's license, and be on the University Approved Drivers List.

Learn more about the certification process on the Driver Certification page, and visit the University Vehicle Policy and Procedures document for details on eligibility, safe driving practice, accident reporting, and more.

Gas cards can be obtained from plant services for additional fuel needed on your trip. Plant services does not cover other trip expenses, such as tolls and parking fees.

Approved Drivers

The number of approved drivers must match the number of vehicles requested. Reservations will not be created for requests that do not contain approved drivers, and requests for multiple vehicles will be downgraded to the number of approved driver names submitted.

Vehicles are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Incomplete reservation forms will not hold reservations in front of correctly filled-in reservation forms.

Pick-up Process

Drivers will need to stop by the plant services office with their driver's license in order to pick up the vehicle keys and information packet prior to their trip. Keys can be picked up from the plant services office:

Please note that all vehicle reservations are processed during plant services office hours. If the request is posted after hours, it will not be processed until the next business day.

If the campus is closed for holidays or closure events, vehicle requests will not be processed. If possible, place your request no less than the week prior to your event in order to allow for processing time.