Paint Policy

In the best interest of the university, all painting is to be evaluated and completed by plant services. Painting is done on a cyclical basis, and requests for painting will be placed on the schedule according to the discretion of the paint department.

To have your painting need evaluated, a work request can be submitted with the approval of the building monitor.  Each request is evaluated against the condition of the rest of the campus before painting commences to make sure that decent areas are not taking precedence over areas that are in poor condition.

There is a palette of colors available for discussion. The color choices can be found in the Aesthetic Guide. Painting that is requested that falls outside the parameters of normal maintenance cycles will be evaluated by plant services and may be charged to the requesting department.  Wall finishes other than paint also require review and approval by our office. Bonded and licensed contractors may be retained and will be supervised by plant services. 

In student housing, when a transition of residents occurs, the campus painter in consultation with the superintendent of building repair and the director of housing will determine whether a location should be painted before the maintenance cycle requires that it be done.