Business Cards, Name Badges and Stationery Orders

The marketing communications office establishes the university's signature package, which includes letterhead and matching envelopes, business cards, name badges and a variety of available templates. As representatives of George Fox University's graphic identity, these stationery pieces are to be used for all official university business communications.

The following sections introduce the components of the stationery system, guide you in their use, and provide the means to order supplies. Please place your orders through your department's administrative assistant, and make sure the accounting strings provided are accurate.

For more information, contact Emma Glennen at or ext. 2136.

Business Cards

Business card requests are made through a third-party print vendor, B&B Print Source. If you don’t already have an account through B&B, you’ll need to request an account. Your request will be reviewed and approved within two business days. Once you have an approved account, you may login to request your business cards.

Business card orders will be collected on an ongoing basis; however, they will only be printed when enough orders have been placed to keep printing costs low.

Please contact Emma Glennen at or ext. 2136 if you have any questions or if your business card request is urgent.

Business Card Guidelines

Example of what to do business card


Example of what not to do (too much copy)


Order Business Cards

Name Badges

For those who have regular face-to-face contact with the public and need to order a name tag, please submit your name tag order here or through your department's administrative assistant. MarCom will verify your request and the information provided and place your order with all others. Name badge orders will be collected on an ongoing basis; however, they will only be printed when enough orders have been placed to keep production costs low.

Name tags will be one size and will include logo, name and title or area. The standard name tag will attach with a magnet so as not to damage your garment. The charges for production and shipping vary depending on the order.

Provide the name of the person for whom the name tag is needed; title or department; and the budget to be charged. Examples of "title or department" include: Dean of Students or Student Life, Admissions Counselor or Admissions. Supervisors should determine a standard for his or her area and attempt to remain consistent.

Order Name Badges


To order any stationery product (letterhead, envelopes. etc.), complete the stationery order form. Keep a copy for your records.

Please purchase general university stationery items through mail services.

Institution-wide stationery orders are taken in August. The collective order helps keep costs low; the higher the volume, the lower the cost. Consequently, it is most economical to overestimate needs and store a small surplus.

Departments are responsible for monitoring inventory of their own stationery supplies. A spring stationery order may be taken for departments with unforeseen needs.

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