This issue: Summer 2019

The Class of 2019 moves on to new careers and grad school

Bruin Notes

Bethany Woods

Name: Bethany Woods

Major: Interior Design

What’s Next: Masters of Architecture program, University of Oregon

“International mission work has always been part of my life, so I’d love to do architectural projects in developing countries to build stronger and healthier communities.”

Maddie Pirkl

Name: Maddie Pirkl

Major: Engineering

What’s Next: Mechanical engineer, Siemens

“In the future I hope to meld my passion for travel and innovation with my work in the field of mechanical engineering.”

Michael Chaney

Name: Michael Chaney

Major: Accounting

What’s Next: Accountant, Moss Adams

“My George Fox experience has been categorized by the stretching, challenging and expansion of my knowledge and character.”

Quinlan Morrow

Name: Quinlan Morrow

Major: Biology

What’s Next: Research assistant, Druker Lab, OHSU

“My ultimate goal is to become a physician. While I apply to med school, I will be doing leukemia research. I am so excited to be back in a cancer research lab!”

Kaheela Reid

Name: Kaheela Reid

Major: Biology

What’s Next: OHSU-PSU School of Public Health

“I’m going to grad school to get my master’s degree in public health. My dream is to improve the health of communities throughout the world.”

Logan Benfield

Name: Logan Benfield

Major: Elementary Education

What’s Next: English Teacher, Josiah Venture, Czech Republic

“I will teach at English camps, showing the love of God to the students there. I will also get to teach English in Czech schools, mentor Czech students, and lead a youth group. I hope to develop my skills as an educator and as a man of God.”

Kyler Schubkegel

Name: Kyler Schubkegel

Majors: English and Philosophy

What’s Next: Yale Divinity School

“By God’s grace, I have been offered a full-tuition scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in religion and the arts. In the long term, my goal is to do research in theology that helps the American church to understand the role of beauty in the life of faith.”

Maricruz Arias

Name: Maricruz Arias

Major: Exercise Science

What’s Next: Doctor of Chiropractic program, University of Western States

“This is like a dream coming true! I want to be a chiropractor not only to be able to help those with physical pain, but to help those who can’t afford the treatment.”

Pablo Gaspar-Lopez

Name: Pablo Gaspar-Lopez

Major: Social Work

What’s Next: Master of Social Work program, George Fox University

“Thanks to my time here I have learned the importance of incorporating my faith into my practice in a healthy manner that will benefit me and the people I work with.”

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