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The CCS faculty is here to support all of our students during the COVID-19 crisis! Feel free to reach out to any of our faculty as needed.

What are some of our recent graduates doing now...?

Keithen Schwahn ('15), Youth Pastor at Westside: A Jesus Church
Joshua Garcia ('15), MA student, Yale University
Brooke Greenburg ('16), Program Assistant at the  Tantur Ecumenical Centre for Theological Studies (Israel)

What can I do with degrees in Biblical Studies, Philosophy, and Christian Ministries?

Our graduates have gone on to careers in business, theater/acting, social work, non-profit leadership, law school, marketing, nursing, ministries of various kinds, and graduate degrees at all levels around the world. Data shows that those majoring in topics like religion, ancient languages and history, and philosophy rank near the top of test scores on the LSAT as well as the GRE. Courses within our department specialize in the exact skills that are now ranked as the most desirable for companies hiring new employees, such as problem solving, processing complex information, verbal and written communication, teamwork, and the ability to influence others. Let us know how we can help you " Be Known" at George Fox University! Contact Us...


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