Apologetics Initiative

Apologetics Initiative

Apologetics, broadly construed, is the attempt to understand and show how Christianity is good, true, and beautiful.

The mission of the Apologetics Initiative is to help the larger George Fox University community see and savor the goodness, truth, and beauty of Christianity. 

This is accomplished through three main strategies: 

  1. Student-led endeavors Such as the newly formed Ratio Christi student club
  2. Curriculum enhancements A number of degree programs are being evaluated for the incorporation of apologetic materials
  3. Campus-wide events Such as RESONATE and other smaller events

Resonate 2024

Join us Feb. 23-24 at George Fox University as we explore the Christian vision of the human heart and its relationship to knowledge and desire.

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Meet the Director

Andrew del Rio

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Director, George Fox University Apologetics Initiative

Faculty Fellow, George Fox University Honors Program

Teaching and research interests

  • Philosophy of Religion and Apologetics
  • Epistemology
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Analytic Philosophical Theology

Andrew del Rio is a philosopher, trained in the analytic tradition. He grew up near St. Louis, MO where he was raised in a Christian family. As a teenager, Andrew began to wrestle with questions about the Bible. Should we actually trust this old book? Why think it holds the key to eternal life?

He was pointed to some apologetics books by Norman Geisler. They were helpful, for the time being. In fact, Andrew enjoyed reading Geisler so much that he decided to study philosophy in college. Geisler had a PhD in philosophy.

But when Andrew arrived as a freshman in a philosophy of religion class, he wasn't prepared for what would happen. Ask him about it sometime. Suffice it to say that studying philosophy in undergrad, through seminary, and then through a doctoral program were all, in a way, tied to that freshman philosophy of religion class.

Apologetics and philosophy of religion are intricately linked in Dr. del Rio's personal journey of faith, which led him to live on the other side of the world, where he did cross-cultural ministry with his wife Stephani. Now the del Rios have four kids and enjoy hiking among the big trees of the PNW and camping with their dog.