Executive Leadership Team

Robin Baker

Robin Baker, PhD


MaryKate Morse

Executive Dean, Portland Seminary

Professor of Leadership and Spiritual Formation

Joseph Clair

Executive Dean, Cultural Enterprise

Associate Professor, Theology and Culture

Teaching and research interests

  • Christian thought and ethics
  • The role of religion in public life
Robert Harder

Executive Dean, Industrial Enterprise

Dean, College of Engineering

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

David Cimbora

Executive Dean, Wellness Enterprise

Brian Doak

Brian Doak, PhD

Vice President, George Fox Digital

Professor of Biblical Studies

Nichole Drew

Nichole Drew

Vice President, People and Culture

Title IX Coordinator - Employees

Brad Lau

Brad Lau

Vice President for Student Life

Lindsay Knox

Lindsay Knox

Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing

Vicki Piersall

Vicki Piersall

Chief Financial Officer

Shawn Daley

Shawn Daley

Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer

Rob Felton

Rob Felton

Chief of Staff