Christian History and Theology Specialization


Who It’s For

  • Students who want the freedom to customize their specialization
  • Pastors, teachers, and writers who want to explore their own social location in the context of a diverse Christian tradition
  • Students who are passionate about preserving and translating what has been handed down
  • Students interested in pursuing a PhD or DMin program

Offered With


History reminds us of the people on whose shoulders we stand. As scholars of Christian history and theology, students in this program root themselves in the gospel that was stewarded for them by the early church. Firm in this, they practice translating ancient teaching for a new generation. This rooted foundation also prepares students to thrive in a post-denominational era, when church leaders engage with other traditions more than ever before.

The history and theology specialization is one of the most flexible seminary programs. In addition to a diverse core curriculum in Christian history and theology, students have the opportunity to pick and choose classes in creation care, gender and Christian thought, poverty and eco-justice, postcolonialism, and intercultural studies, among other courses.

At Portland Seminary, students benefit from living and studying in the most post-denominational region of our nation, where faith leaders place remarkable emphasis on cooperating with and learning from one another. The specialization itself is a microcosm of this diversity, where professors of different genders, ethnicities, and theological backgrounds work together to raise up students who can competently contribute to the cross-denominational conversations that will shape the modern church.

Course Requirements (12 hours)

Any two CHTH studios, 4 hours each
Any Specialized Apprenticeship, 2 hours each
CHTH 568 Teaching Apprenticeship I: Internship and Pedagogy
CHTH 569 Teaching Apprenticeship II: Internship and Pedagogy
Students work with their academic adviser to select courses according to professional preparation goals.