SpiL Trips

During winter, spring and summer breaks, the Office of Spiritual Life offers students annual experiential opportunities to immerse themselves in others' contexts to learn and serve alongside global ministry partners.  These have come to be known as SpiL Trips.

In a way SpiL Trips are like "pilgrimages" if you will:  a traveling effort both to encounter Christ, and to serve Christ, in our relationships with Self, with Creation, and especially with other human beings differing in gifts and vulnerabilities from our own (i.e. Matthew 25:34-40). With these trips students are challenged to grow through listening, exploring, discovering, learning and serving alongside partner organizations who model Christ's love through mutual empowerment, community development and peacemaking within their cultural miliue.

Students are invited to join us in sharing the university’s Be Known promise beyond our own campus, culture and borders!

Why Do We Do These Trips?

Our reasons for organizing immersion and service trips are grounded in the university’s mission:

  • To help students think with clarity by prayerfully immersing and serving in closer proximity to people and resources with perspectives and experiences outside of our own
  • To help students act with integrity by partnering with others in mutually benefiting, asset-based and empowering approaches to connecting across differences (rather than perpetuating need-based approaches)
  • To help students serve with passion by sacrificially working to make sure our impact matches intentions as we attempt to share the Be Known promise with people beyond our campus and borders who are so often labeled or only seen as statistics

Trips Timeline

Information about all SpiL Trips are announced during fall semester in chapel, around campus and online.  (Follow us on socials @GFUSpiL). Applications, references and sometime interviews are required for SpiL Trip eligibility.

Teams are selected from the Applicaiton/interview process and meet for 3-5 required trip preparation meetings before departure date. Team members chosen are those who display a strong commitment to Christ, demonstrated humility, flexibility, self-discipline and an openness and desire to learn while serving.

Trips List


Rus St.Cyr

Rus St.Cyr

University Pastor for Service & Soul Care