Vehicle Reservations

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What do I need to know about reserving and renting a van?

Twelve-passenger vans are available by reservation, only to George Fox University employees and students who plan to use them for a school function. Drivers must be members of George Fox, at least 21 years of age, and be on the University Approved Drivers list. To get onto the University Approved Drivers list, please take the online certification found here.

The Finance Department ran a comprehensive study and discovered that sometimes it is less expensive to rent a vehicle from an outside rental agency rather than use a university vehicle. If you are interested in renting a van, it is more cost effective for the university to use an outside rental agency (like Enterprise) for the following:

  • 150 miles and over for one-day trips
  • 300 miles and over for two-day trips
  • 450 miles and over for three-day trips and above

University departments are charged $.71/mile for renting a university vehicle, but additional fees are charged if:

  • Vehicle reservation is not canceled within 24 hours of a scheduled trip
  • Vehicles are returned late or to the wrong parking lot
  • Vehicle materials (keys, credit cards, paperwork, safety equipment included in each vehicle) are not returned with 24 hours of return
  • Incomplete paperwork (e.g. odometer readings, condition of vehicle notations)
  • Excessive cleaning required
  • Accident not reported within 24 hours
  • Lights left on, resulting in a dead battery
  • Vehicle left unlocked

Gas cards can be obtained from Plant Services for additional fuel needed on your trip. Any other trip expenses (such as tolls and parking fees) are not covered by Plant Services.

Van Request Form

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Acct. # - Fund # - Dept. ID - Program - Op. Unit

Contact Information

Drivers will need to stop by the Plant Services office with their driver's license in order to pick up the vehicle keys and information packet prior to their trip. Keys can be picked up from the Plant Services office:

  • Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm, September through April
  • Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 3:30pm, May through August (Summer Hours)
  • Excluding school holidays or school closures

Please refer to the Vehicle Policy for more information.

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