Recycling at George Fox

Thank you for your interest in the George Fox recycling program. George Fox University is committed to active, intentional stewardship of our God-given natural resources.

Please contact Plant Services at 503-554-2010 if you have any questions regarding trash pickup or recycling on campus. Currently, trash and recycling are picked up on Thursday mornings.

Why We Recycle

As Christians, we are called to love and protect God’s creation. George Fox University is dedicated to reducing the amount of trash that ends up in public landfills. You can help us by recycling. Please be sure to place the appropriate materials in the correct container.

A single incorrect item can cause a whole load of recyclables to be rejected and dumped into a landfill.

Where We Recycle

  • Glass recycling is located near the residential trash centers in the 55-gallon black barrels
  • Metal recycling is located near the residential trash centers in the 55-gallon blue barrels
  • Corrugated cardboard recycling is located at Canyon Commons, EHS, Stevens Center, and the Thomas Center

What We Recycle

What to include/instructions What to keep out
Corrugated Cardboard
Corrugated cardboard
Flatten cardboard boxes. Wax-coated cardboard or food residue; pizza boxes, glass bottles and jars
All metal, metal cans, foil, aerosol cans and electronics
Empty and non-toxic metal aerosol cans and food and beverage cans. Rinse food cans and put metal lids inside cans and crimp closed. All electronic recycling can be placed directly in the blue metal recycling barrel. Food residue and plastic caps. Do not puncture aerosol cans or remove nozzles.
Glass bottles and jars
Clear and colored; rinse clean. No lids; no oil, chemicals or pesticides. Glass recycling is located near the residential trash/recycling centers in the 55-gallon blue barrels. Window glass should NOT be placed in the recycling container.

Battery recycling is available in the Klages Center near the Bruin Store and EHS first floor across from the elevator.

Residential battery and electronic recycling is available in the blue tubes located in the residential hall lobbies, Le Shana, and outside Beebe.

Refundable aluminum cans and plastic bottles

Look for the Oregon redemption stamp. Water-rinsed clean and empty.

Redeemable bottles and cans are being collected by a student group. The university encourages redeeming these items locally.

Comingled Recycling:

(available at Canyon Commons, Newlin Residence Hall and the Murdock Library locations)
  • Cardboard
  • Clean Plastic
  • Paper
  • Tin Cans

Additional recyclable items:

(available at the Thomas Center)
  • Motor oil
  • Fluorescent lightbulbs
  • Paint
  • Ink cartridges

Contact Plant Services at 503-554-2010 if you have any of the following items to be recycled, or if you have other questions about recycling.