Project Requests

Any request, which does not specifically deal with the maintenance or repair of an existing condition, is a Project Request; a request for something new.

Project Requests can be submitted to Plant Services using the “Project Request Form

The Project Request Form must be fully completed, providing a rationale consistent with the university’s mission, specific location, scope of work, and timing as to when it needs to be completed. The signatures of the appropriate Academic Dean or Department Head, and Building Monitor are required.

All Project Requests will be reviewed by the Project Review Committee (PRC) to establish adherence to the University’s mission statement, priority (as compared to all projects submitted campus wide), and funding.

The Project Review Committee will meet monthly between September and March, or more frequently as needed. Anything submitted after March 1st will not be considered until the following school year (September).

The Project Review Committee will inform the requestor if their project is approved, deferred, or denied.

Capital Project & Project Approval Process Policy

Do I have a Maintenance Request or a Project Request?