Services Available

Incoming Mail and Packages

  • Letters are placed in each student's or employee's mailbox.
  • Mail items and packages too large for a mailbox are written up as Packages.
  • Recipients of packages are notified by email.
  • Photo ID is required for package pick-up.

Outgoing Mail and Packages

Bring packages and letters to University Mail Services

Cut-off times:
Courier to Portland Center: 2 p.m.
US Mail: 2:15 p.m.
UPS: 3 p.m.
Fed-Ex: (Prepaid only) noon

Additional letter drop-off locations and cut-off times:
Beebe Post Office: Noon
SUB Post Office: Noon
Roberts Center Post Office: Noon

US Postal Service – Domestic

First Class
Media Rate
Parcel Post

US Postal Service - International

First Class

Limited Service for Domestic & International:

  • Express
  • Global Express Guaranteed

UPS (United Parcel Service)

Next Day Air AM
Next Day Air
2nd Day Air
3rd Say Air

Items for purchase

  • Stamps (individual stamps; books of 20 and rolls of 100)
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Plain & Padded Envelopes of all sizes

Free items

  • Packing peanuts
  • Priority Boxes
  • Flat Rate Priority Envelopes and Boxes
  • Packing Tape for individual boxes

Fax Services: Fax number 503-554-3834

Receiving Faxes: Incoming faxes cost the receiver .25 per page

Sending Faxes

  • Local: .25 per entire fax
  • Toll Free: .25 per entire fax
  • Long Distance: $1 for first page; additional pages .50 each
  • International: $5 for first page; additional pages $2 each

Use of a GFU cover sheet for outgoing faxes is required.