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How are benefits and pay impacted upon my return to work?

Employment benefits accrued by the employee before the leave began are not lost. An employee who returns to work from a family leave within the applicable maximum family leave period or on the business day following expiration of the family leave generally is entitled to return to his or her job or an equivalent position. If you missed benefit plan payments during leave due to unpaid time, these are made up in the first two months after the return to work.

When and how do I apply for leave? What are the communication and notice requirements?

  • The employee must provide his or her supervisor and the Human Resources department with a request for Leave of Absence Form at least 30 days prior to the proposed date of the leave (or if the leave was not foreseeable, as soon as possible).
  • The employee must complete the necessary forms and provide all documentation as required by the Human Resources department to substantiate the request. For birth, this in the medical certification as defined by OFLA, for adoption or foster care a court document. Certification must provide the university at least 30 days prior to the start of leave, or within 15 days of the start of the leave if unforeseeable.
  • As is the case with all company policies, the organization has the exclusive right to interpret this policy.

During a family or medical leave, the employee should maintain regular contact with the supervisor and Human Resources consistent with the nature of the leave to update his or her status.

If a mother who gave birth wishes to return prior to six weeks after birth of a child for a vaginal birth or eight weeks for a cesarean, the employee must provide a doctor’s release to return to work. If obtaining the doctor’s release incurs extra expense for the employee (usually a copay), the university reimburses the employee for the out-of-pocket costs of the doctor’s visit.

An employee is required to cooperate by following these procedures and by providing the necessary forms. Failure to do so may jeopardize the approval of an employee’s leave.

When do I add my newborn to my health coverage?

You have a 30-day window to enroll your newborn in your health plan. Please contact Human Resources to add your baby to your plan as soon as possible. 

HR contact information: Aga Luptak, or 503 554 2181


Can I change or begin a flexible spending account?

Yes, you have a 30-day special enrollment to change your current elections or begin a new election for the medical spending account or dependent care spending account, as long as it aligns with the new family member's arrival. Return the completed and signed election form to Human Resources (414 N. Meridian campus Box 6108, Newberg, OR 97132) within 30 days of the date of birth.  Contact Aga Luptak, or 503 554 2181


Do I need to notify anyone when I return to work?

Yes, please notify your supervisor and HR of your return date. This will ensure we pay you correctly, and we’d like to help support needs you may have around transitioning back to work, providing a nursing room, a refrigerator making up benefit premiums, or answering any questions that have arisen during your leave.

Please call 503-554-2181 to schedule an appointment to talk through the leave options, requirements, pay and benefits during and after your leave.

P.S. Don’t forget to send us a picture of that baby and let us know when you’ve returned to work! Again, congratulations to you and your growing family!

Resources for Nursing Mothers

Mothers' Room

There is a private mothers' room available in the Murdock Library on the Newberg campus for use by one individual at a time. It is equipped with a small refrigerator, water cooler, microwave, basic pumping supplies (there are wipes and pads available; bring your own pump), a changing table, and a comfy chair for nursing or pumping.

We are working on setting up a room at the Portland Center as well.


Mini-fridges are available for new parents to check out. This will allow pumping mothers to store milk and snacks in a private, compact refrigerator. 

Break Time

Break time to express breast milk will be provided for George Fox employees. A reasonable amount of breaktime (which may include an employee's normal am, lunch, and pm breaks) will be provided. We understand that the frequency and duration of breaks may vary in order to meet the expressing needs of the employee. The employee should be completely relieved of duties during this time. If there is any unpaid time, an employee may make up this time within the workweek or use paid leave if available.

Please call 503-554-2188 with questions, or to check out one of the mini-fridges, check out a key to the mothers' room, and get access to the calendar for scheduling time in the mothers room. 

George Fox University Benefit Resources

  • Parental Leave Time Off webpage
  • Lifemap offers supplemental coverage. If you elected this for yourself, you have a 30-day window of special enrollment to add your new family member.

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