Adventure - Art - Culture - Juniors Abroad at George Fox
In order to enrich the intercultural and international awareness of our campus community, George Fox offers a transportation-subsidized overseas course of approximately three weeks to any junior student who has fulfilled the appropriate requirements. These tours occur during the annual May Term. Each year, 13 - 14 trips are offered for students' consideration. The university subsidizes the trip expenses, so the student cost is approximately 50 percent of the total cost.Since the beginning of the program, George Fox faculty have led trips to the following countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Israel, Greece, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Thailand, China, Tibet, Vietnam, South Korea, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the British Isles, South Africa, India, Turkey, Peru, Ecuador, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Ireland, Russia, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Croatia, and Belize. The destinations offered in a given year vary according to faculty and student interest.

For a student who has completed three consecutive years of full-time enrollment the transportation expenses are partially subsidized by the university. Thus, student costs for a three-week trip typically range from $2,200 - $2,600. This includes all transportation, food, lodging and admission fees to required venues.

What students are saying about their Juniors Abroad experiences:

  • "The Juniors Abroad program is such a rare and amazing opportunity. If we didn't have this I can almost tell you for a fact that I would have never gone to Ecuador. I learned so much and was so humbled while I was over there. I got to see God's amazing creations in vastly different areas from the sea life in the Galapagos to the spiders and bugs in the Amazon. Everything was so unique and beautiful, something I wouldn't get to see in America or even anywhere else in the world. "
  • "Honesty it has widen my horizon to the possibilities that I can do so much more than what I had previously assumed. I would also like to explore others areas in my major pertaining to cultural experiences and global work."
  • "Its one thing to learn about a culture in a book or on TV but another to see it with your own eyes so the idea of students experiencing culture shock much like the exchange students at Fox experience I think helps us develop a better connection with our fellow students."

Detailed information about eligibility and specific study tours is available from the director of the Center for Local and Global Engagement, David Martinez.