Mandatory Safety Education

Federal law requires that all students be given “due warning” whenever there is a safety risk, be it on or off campus during a university-sponsored event. In an effort to comply with this federal mandate for “due warning,” a travel safety booklet has been printed and will be made available to all groups involved in international travel.

This booklet must be distributed and discussed with all students. If students or leaders have any questions regarding the information contained in the safety handbook, they should contact the director of the Center for Study Abroad.

In addition, the director of Campus Public Safety is available to present to groups on the topic of safety when traveling abroad. This presentation can vary in length as the group leader wishes. In lieu of this presentation, group leaders may do their own safety training, but this training must occur and be documented as to when it was done.

The Safety Handbook and Travel Tips booklet is to be discussed and distributed to all students.


The following documents and information must be carried by each group member (faculty and students) traveling abroad on a George Fox University-sponsored trip.

  1. Passport copies; one for the student to carry with them (separate from their actual passport), and one by the faculty leaders. It is also good if the student scans their passport and takes an electronic copy with them.
  2. Trip itineraries must be uploaded to Google Drive. Students should also provide a copy of the itinerary to their parents or guardians.
  3. The following information should be with travelers at ALL times.
    • Phone numbers and addresses for all accommodations
    • Phone numbers for all embassies or consulates of countries in which they are traveling
    • Phone number of George Fox University emergency contacts including international calling code
    • Phone number for the faculty’s mobile phone (required for each faculty member)

If there is a contact person in the country that is working with the study group, their name, telephone number, etc. and location should also be included on the itinerary.