Undergraduate Course Descriptions

(Courses are listed alphabetically by prefix. For semesters off campus course prefixes, see the semesters off-campus page.)

Course Prefix Subject
ACCT Accounting
ARTD Art and Design: Design
ARTP Art and Global Culture: Performing Art
ARTS Art and Design: Studio
ARTV Art and Global Culture: Visual Art
BIOL Biology
BUSN Business
CHEM Chemistry
CINE Cinematic Arts
COMM Communication 
CPAS Career Preparation and Academic Success
CSIS Computer and Information Science
ECON Economics
EDUC Education
ENGB Engineering, Biomedical
ENGC Engineering, Civil
ENGE Engineering, Electrical
ENGM Engineering, Mechanical
ENGR Engineering, General
FINC Finance
FINP Financial Planning
GEED General Education
GSCI General Science
HHPA Human Performance Activity
HHPE Human Performance Education
HIST History
HLTH Health Education
HNRS Honors
INTD Interior Design
INTL International Studies
JOUR Journalism
LEAD Leadership Studies
LITR Literature
MAND Mandarin
MATH Mathematics
MGMT Management
MKTG Marketing
MUSA Music, Applied Music and Ensembles
MUSI Music, Theory and Literature
NURS Nursing
PHYS Physics
PSCI Political Science
PSYC Psychology
SOCI Sociology
SPAN Spanish
SSCI Social Science
SWRK Social Work
THEA Theatre
THEO Theology
WRIT Writing