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Preparing Trusted Leaders

Trust is the most important word in business. An organization’s success or failure hinges on whether it can be trusted to deliver what it promises to its employees, to its customers and to its community. 

Now more than ever, businesses are looking for leaders who bring a holistic approach to leadership – one that combines professional competence with character and courage to build a stronger business community. In short, they are looking for trusted leaders.

Becoming A Trusted Leader

Our graduates are trusted to be:

Professionally Competent - Every business leader needs to understand the core competencies that go into leading a successful organization. From marketing, finance and business strategy to employee motivation and interpersonal communication, the George Fox College of Business provides a holistic approach that prepares students to be professionally competent in all areas of business.

Ethically Grounded - Keeping the big picture in mind is important for every trusted business leader. But a leader’s vision of the big picture is shaped by his or her values. At George Fox, we believe that people come first. How you treat your employees, your customers and the community you serve is what determines the future sustainability of both your company and your career. But values are only as good as the ethics that put them into practice. Every business operates according to some standards of conduct, whether spoken or unspoken. Trusted business leaders recognize the important role ethics play in their organizations and put the necessary time and thought into how to put their values into action through an ethically grounded approach to doing business. 

Globally Engaged - Our world is getting smaller and more connected each day, making global engagement a business necessity. For George Fox, being globally engaged goes beyond supply chains and international regulations to the people and issues involved in global markets. Our College of Business enrolls a meaningful number of international students and offers many study abroad opportunities to help put global business into perspective. 

Socially Responsive - Today’s business leaders recognize more than ever how interconnected their organizations are to the communities they serve. Customers, employees and the communities they serve expect business leaders to be more socially responsive to the cultural issues of our day. This means not only being aware of these issues, but how to appropriately engage them from an organizational perspective. 

Servant Leaders - Servant leadership is a buzz word in today’s business culture, and for good reason. A servant leader excels because he or she puts others first. But to become a servant leader requires that one be service minded. A service-minded business leader listens receptively to ideas and concerns, empowers others, and looks to build a community in the workplace that can inspire and motivate employees to excel beyond expectations. 

If you want a business education that will equip you to become a trusted leader, we encourage you to contact us.

Forbes Top 100 - America's Best CollegesNational Recognition

  • Forbes consistently ranks George Fox among the top Christian colleges in the country.
  • George Fox is classified as a "Best Regional University" by U.S. News & World Report.

Student Satisfaction

Students in every program in the College of Business report a high degree of satisfaction. Over 90 percent of our undergraduate alumni from the past decade expressed satisfaction with the education and instruction they received at George Fox as well as with the preparation they received for their job/career.

Eighty-four percent of MBA students surveyed over the past five years gave high marks to the program's quality and value. Nearly 90 percent of current DBA students report that they are satisfied or highly satisfied with their DBA education.


Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and ProgramsThe College of Business' undergraduate programs in accounting, business administration, entrepreneurship, finance, global business, management, and marketing – as well as it's graduate part-time MBA, full-time MBA and DBA programs – are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs. The College of Business' undergraduate program in economics is accredited together with all other business programs and all university programs by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Key Documents


The mission of the George Fox College of Business is to shape competent, confident, compassionate leaders, who are ready to contribute.

Core Values

  • Character
  • Competence 
  • Courage
  • Community

MBA programs

Our 11-month, Full-Time MBA program offers an ethics-based, holistic curriculum with a global perspective. Classes begin in August and conclude in June, with students attending class on our Newberg, Oregon, campus Monday through Thursday and taking part in Friday seminar courses that involve travel to Portland-area corporations.

Our   Part-Time MBA program is designed for working professionals who seek to become more effective managers and leaders. Offered at our Portland Center near Tigard, Oregon, this 24-month program conducts classes one evening a week and occasional Saturdays, allowing you to earn your MBA while maintaining your regular day job. 

Doctor of Business Administration

George Fox’s Doctor of Business Administration program is designed for business professionals who wish to enhance their careers as executives, consultants or university professors. Students complete courses in three core areas of study – business, research, and education – and choose a management or marketing concentration for in-depth study. Students take classes online and come to the Newberg campus for three four-day residencies.

Undergraduate College of Business Degrees

George Fox’s College of Business offers undergraduate degrees in accounting, business administration, economics, finance, global business, marketing and management. Students also have the option of completing an interdisciplinary degree in business and one other discipline outside of business.