As part of George Fox's commitment to providing a Christian education that equips students to thrive in today’s world, the university’s art and design program is taking career prep beyond textbooks, offering students real-world experiences and professional development through industry connections.

As a result, 100 percent of our 2023 graphic design class secured full-time jobs within five months of graduation, with two even receiving offers before graduating.

Marvin Eans, the art and design chair, is one big reason students are finding their dream jobs. He integrates real-life projects into the curriculum, ensuring graduates leave with a well-rounded resume of classroom and client projects.

As a bonus, students work with globally and nationally recognized organizations such as Habitat For Humanity, Love INC, and The Dream Center, developing for them everything from print and marketing collateral, digital social media campaigns, packing designs, and website designs.

Collectively, program faculty instill in students the significance of establishing a creative process and cultivating a strong work ethic.

student presenting to professional

“My favorite aspect of my experience in the Fox design program was the space the faculty and staff provided to nurture our artistic autonomy,” says Jessica Cox, a recent graduate and current director of graphic design at Santa Clara Athletics. “In my higher-level classes, I never felt confined by subjective bias in any project. We were encouraged to collaborate and advocate for what we believed was the best approach to solve design issues from an informed standpoint.

“This experience taught me to delve into the reasons behind my creations, their significance, and how to adapt that significance to fulfill the requirements of a client or team. The opportunity to hone this skill in an environment fostering grace and growth prepared me for the work I currently engage in.”

Routinely, students are asked to come up with solutions and present them to real clients after meetings and initial conversations. Students also have opportunities to participate in galleries and art shows, including one Portland event with local industry leaders.

Graduate Emma Fiess recently landed a full-time job as the social and digital coordinator for Spokane Tribe Resort & Casino. She attributes her success to the practical skills she acquired in Eans’ classes, from the creative process to interview etiquette and portfolio development. 

“My job interview went so great! I got the job and am now working full-time in graphic design/marketing,” she says. “[Marvin’s] classes were so helpful to me getting the job. His way of teaching us the creative process helped me so much, and his teaching me how to conduct myself during interviews and how to create a top-notch portfolio were all wonderful tools that helped me get to where I am now.”

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