Online Programs

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Complete Your Bachelor’s Degree Online

Beginning in the fall of 2018, we are making it easier and more convenient for you to finish your bachelor’s degree, giving you the option to complete four of our majors online. Students admitted to an online cohort are required to attend a two-day Cohort Launch at the Portland Center at the beginning of the program. After that, programs are fully online.

Online Offerings

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General Education Courses

You also have the option to take our Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (general education) classes either in person or online. For a list of our current LACC/GE offerings, look here. Under Class Schedules and Calendars find offerings by semester.

Online Community

Our ADP majors utilize a cohort model that groups students together in learning communities for a 16-month schedule. In an effort to build community in our online programs, we will be introducing private cohort Facebook groups in the fall of 2018.

Industry-Specific Technology

We believe that valuable education coincides with immediate application. That’s why our faculty designed your major classes with professional outcomes at the core of the curriculum. We’ve also put a priority on including industry-specific technology in all our majors.

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$20 by 2020: An Economical Textbook Plan

In an effort to save you money, we are adopting open textbooks and ebooks throughout our curriculum.  We currently use free open textbooks in our required writing courses and many of our general education courses, and many of our major courses use online resources. By the year 2020, our goal is to see all of our courses using free open textbooks and online resources, or requiring inexpensive books that are available in the $20 range.