Increased Earnings ...

Nearly two-thirds (64.3 percent) of our adult degree graduates report they earn more money than they did prior to enrollment.*

Return on Investment ...

More than 70 percent of our adult degree program graduates believe the program helped them get a new job or a promotion.*

Springboard for Success ...

Nearly one-third (31 percent) of our graduates went on to graduate school after completing our ADP program.*

* 2012 ADP Alumni Survey (300 Respondents)

What our students are saying ...

"After being laid off and unable to find employment for six months, I was told by a hiring manager that my experience and desired salary were not obtainable with my incomplete college education. I decided it was time to get my degree. Two weeks before graduation from GFU, I was offered a job in my field. Now, a year and a half later, I've already been promoted."

"I believe the program was good in helping me to develop confidence in what I could do. I would have never thought about a graduate degree program without it. More possibilities became available to me."

"(The) hands-on experience - working on a real life project for a nonprofit in the community - helped me land my job, as well as my (professor's) assistance and recommendations to my employer."

"I appreciated the combining of education with real-world analysis. I feel more able to manage effectively, develop employees, and now use this knowledge serving on two boards of directors. Thank you, GFU."

Where are they now? Positions of some of our alumni

  • Accountant, CPA candidate
  • Resource analyst at Hewlett-Packard
  • Technical support analyst
  • Manager for residential care company
  • Environmental compliance specialist
  • Executive director, Expansion International
  • Assistant living administrator
  • Operations manager
  • Computer consultant
  • Procurement technical assistance program manager
  • Executive assistant to CEO, Syringa Networks, LLC
  • Senior project manager
  • Regional manager, Nationwide Insurance
  • Human resource manager
  • Clinical mental health therapist
  • Administrator at medical clinic
  • IT manager
  • School principal at private school
  • Real estate broker/owner
  • Vice president for information technology, Eid Passport Inc.
  • Behavioral health clinician
  • Credit union manager
  • HR manager
  • Process engineer