Cost Scenarios

Each student's academic and professional history is unique, but here are three typical scenarios we see from prospective students: a student with about half of the prerequisites completed (46 credits), a student with a little more than half of the prerequisites completed (57 credits), and a student with all prerequisites fulfilled (90 credits). Schedule an appointment with an enrollment counselor for a free transcript evaluation to find out how many credits you can transfer to George Fox.

Credits Previously Completed 30 semester hours
(44 quarter hours)
62 semester hours
(92 quarter hours: equivalent to transfer associate's degree)
90 semester hours
(130 quarter hours)
Each degree program (major) is 36 credits, plus any general education  and elective credits needed to complete a bachelor's degree.
(60 general ed/elective + 36 major)
(28 general ed/elective + 36 major)
(36 major)


Our major programs are writing intensive, so we offer adult writing courses designed to help our students succeed. A prerequisite for all majors is Writing 201 and Writing 202, which are three credits each. It is possible to test out of these courses with a high enough score on the admissions essay, however students should expect to take these courses at the beginning of their degree. Taking one is factored into this cost scenario.

Included in the 96 credits still needed Included in the 64 credits still needed $1,320

The enrollment deposit ($200) covers the graduation fee and secures your place in an upcoming cohort. The application fee ($40) covers the processing of your application.

$240 $240 $240

In each of these scenarios, George Fox wouldn't charge any extra fees other than what you see here; however, depending on a student's specific situation, other fees or costs may apply.

$0 $0 $0


This is the estimated total amount students can expect to pay for classes at George Fox. Most students qualify for life experience credit, which applies to elective credit needed. Any life experience credit earned will decrease the total cost in the first two scenarios. Life experience credit would not be needed in the last scenario.

$45,552 $31,257 $20,472

This is an estimate of how much students should expect to spend on textbooks.

$4,327 $3,084 $1,996

This is the total cost students can expect to pay when everything -- tuition, books, etc. -- is taken into account. This is an estimate; every student's actual plan may vary.

$50,119 $34,581 $22,708