George Fox University Mathematics Classroom

Our Mission

The George Fox University Department of Mathematics provides quality classroom instruction, caring academic counseling, and good modeling of Christlike servanthood for students in classes:
(1) fulfilling general education requirements in mathematics
(2) fulfilling the requirements for a math major
(3) equipping them for math-related areas

Want a top job? Do the math!

Math-intensive careers have consistently been among the best jobs.
In fact, Mathematician ranked as the #6 best job in the 2016 Jobs Rated Report. A Ph.D. is required to be a mathematician, specifically, but many math-intensive careers hire students with a master's or even a bachelor's. See what careers George Fox Math alumni have gone into.

Our Vision

The George Fox University Department of Mathematics consists of faculty members who are dedicated to the mission of the department. The foremost goal is to demonstrate the likeness of Christ in all that we do, whether it is in a formal classroom setting, in a one-on-one dialogue with students or colleagues, or in a community event on or off campus. We know that faculty members at a university like George Fox are seen by students as models, and we want to be good ones.

We see our roles as instructors of mathematics to be directed toward three different populations of students. First is the student who is taking a lower-level mathematics course to fulfill the mathematics requirement for general education. We envision such a student receiving instruction that will make him/her better able to understand the quantitative world surrounding him/her, and to be less intimidated by such a world. We also see that student leaving the course feeling better toward mathematics and their ability to cope with it.

Second is the student who needs to use mathematics in her/his field of study, such as engineering, science, business, or psychology. We envision this student being equipped to handle the quantitative challenges in that related field because she/he has taken our math courses. An ongoing dialogue continues between our faculty and the faculty in those related disciplines in order to provide an optimal experience in our math courses.

Third is the student who is completing a major in mathematics at George Fox University. Within this population we see three subgroups: students who plan to become math teachers (either in the secondary or college level); students who want to make a career in a field directly related to mathematics, such as actuarial science; and students who will end up in a career in business where quantitative skills will be valued.

For potential teachers, we believe we provide excellent models as classroom teachers. Many of our graduates will want to do what we do: teach in a Christian college or university. Our potential math educators will certainly be exposed to both the content within the field and in the pedagogical tools necessary to become excellent teachers of mathematics. For graduates moving into either math-related areas or in general business settings, they will be able to use the quantitative tools of mathematics as well as the deductive thought processes to solve problems they will face.

Whatever direction they choose vocationally -- teaching, business, or any other arena -- our graduates will also demonstrate the light of Christ wherever they may be.

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