Student Clubs

George Fox offers a variety of student-initiated clubs to fit student interests. We invite you to take part in these clubs or even start your own! Clubs allow students to express their passions and interests, develop leadership and management skills, and enhance the overall George Fox student community.

For more information about clubs, please refer to our Club Manual below.

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The Accounting Association has a three-fold purpose: fostering relationships between students and the professional community, promoting professional development events and community service, and keeping current students connected with alumni in the industry.

President: Kaitlyn Allen

This is a club for female computer science and information systems majors/minors to connect with each other and professionals in the industry through events, competitions, and hangouts.

President: Lydia Taw

Alpha Psi Omega is the National Theatre Honors Society. Our aim is to encourage independent student theatre projects, to create spaces for future artistic growth, to foster creative collaboration within the George Fox and Newberg communities, and to provide students with opportunities to experiment and apply concepts beyond the classroom.

President: Araya Glancy

To defend the principles and improve the institutions of American freedom, democratic capitalism, limited government, political accountability, private enterprise, and individual liberty.

President: Tanner Aliff

Our mission is to foster a community that provides people from every class an opportunity to learn from each other, learn from industry professionals, and to build good friendships through engineering focused events.

President: Devin Howard

The main goal of the Athletic Training Club is to give students opportunities for networking, attending professional lectures, and presenting student poster projects.

President: Joseph Ballard

The mission of BSU is to create space for Black culture on campus. We will do this through discussion, events, and guest speakers.

President: Jessica Coyne

The Business Bridge’s focus is to foster community and create open dialogue with the College of Business, while bridging the gap between education and industry. The Business Bridge aims to accomplish this goal by hosting industry professionals and alumni as guest speakers at our events.

President: Haley Lindsay

We are a group dedicated to creating an environment of fun and learning about vehicles.

President: Tim Fugate

The Comic Book Club is for both already-established comic aficionados and those who have never read a comic in their life! We are a community dedicated to bringing people together over comic books and hosting enthusiastic discussions about any comic book related topic.

President: Ethan Whitted

We strive to build community and lifelong friendship though role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.

President: Julia Sutter

Welcoming anyone interested in joining the conversation about the interdisciplinary field of cybersecurity.

President: Dan Rohwedder

Delight is a nationwide ministry that invites college women into Christ-centered community and exists to be a place that any George Fox collegiate woman can come and grow in relationships with others, ask difficult questions, and find a strong community of Christians and non-Christians alike. Delight provides an opportunity for the women of George Fox University to explore their faith in a nonjudgmental and open environment. In addition, Delight will provide a variety of service opportunities each semester in order to help and engage the George Fox campus and the local community. Delight hopes to equip the women of George Fox University to give back through these service and fundraising activities.

Delight seeks to establish a college women’s community that grows together, serves together, learns together, and does life together while chasing the heart of God. Delight is intentional about learning from one another through stories and experiences while potentially discovering or continuing to grow in relationships with Christ.

President: Hannah Mason

The George Fox University Disc Golf Club aims to bring awareness to the sport by creating a beginner friendly environment for people to come learn about the sport. We do this by hosting casual rounds throughout the week as well as practice sessions throughout the month. In addition, the club aims to be invested in the Oregon disc golf community by being a part of the Oregon Collegiate Disc Golf League. Here, we create relationships with clubs from other universities throughout Oregon by competing in tournaments throughout the year.

President: Luke Mollerup

A cohort for students who have a passion for learning about ecology and conserving ecological systems.

President: Shelby Byerly

We are a community of students interested in exercise science meeting together for service, learning, and fellowship on the first Monday night of each month.

President: Ashlyn Fast and Lacey Dean,

Fellowship of Christian Athletes exists to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

President: Jack Ammon

The Fencing Club is open to all levels of experience in fencing, from novice to grown up with a sword in their hand. The purpose of the club is to have fun learning how to fence and to get a chance to have fun sword fighting.

President: Laurelle Ramsey

The Fencing Club is open to all levels of experience in fencing, from novice to grown up with a sword in their hand. The purpose of the club is to have fun learning how to fence and to get a chance to have fun sword fighting.

President: Laurelle Ramsey

To cultivate and promote interest in French culture by hosting activities rooted in Francophone traditions, cuisine, and history for students of every major and background.

President: Libby Kerns

Fusion aims to cultivate an inclusive and authentic environment where students of diverse multicultural and multi-ethnic backgrounds can develop, embrace and express cultural identity in order to affirmatively impact the greater George Fox University community.

President: Asteria Yiu

We're a club that wants to bring a sense of community through the joy of strategy and casual games!

President: Anna Kennedy & Carly Fisher-Francis

The GFU Dance Team performs choreographed routines at halftime for all football and basketball games, a showcase, and other various performances throughout the school year. The Bruin Dancers perform mostly jazz and hip hop styles of dance for the purpose of pumping up the crowd and having fun! Our team focuses on creating a safe and fun environment for dancers of all skill levels to learn and perform routines.

President: Bayli Moore

The purpose of the Global Village Organization is to provide opportunities, such as events and activities, for students both domestic and international to come together and develop relationships while also learning about other cultures in order to reinforce the idea of the global village.

President: Jeremy Qian

The purpose of Hawaii Club is to perpetuate the spirit of Aloha at George Fox University by establishing a warm and supportive environment for its members.

President: Antonio Isom

A weekly opportunity to hang out and discuss what's happening in the world politically, with funding from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute to attend events including national conferences.

President: Greg Conan

The Investment Club intends to provide students with real-world experience in and education on financial markets.

President: Lane Kimbro

LHC strives to support the George Fox University Latino community and create the space for George Fox to experience Latino food, art, dances and traditions. The club works toward emphasizing the importance of higher education for the Latino community. In doing so, it aims to remain rooted to the legacy behind its ancestors.

President: David Pascual-Matias

We are a friendly place for people of all skill levels to play and learn about League of Legends and Super Smash Bros.

President: Chris Richardson

The George Fox Lifting Club provides a fun and informative place for people who enjoy lifting weights to come and workout together. Our goal is to create an interactive, motivating environment for people to see progress in the gym.

President: Jordan Vanness

The purpose of our club is to create an open space for people from multiple cultural backgrounds to express themselves and their “third culture” fully, connect with each other on a deeper level, educate others, and advocate for third-culture kids on campus and globally.

President: Ryan Johnson

The NSLS is an organization that helps people discover and achieve their goals. The NSLS offers life-changing lectures from the nation's leading presenters and a community where like-minded, success-oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed. The NSLS also serves as a powerful force of good in the greater community by encouraging and organizing action to better the world.

President: Ethan Hodges

Nursing Club aims to provide its members with opportunities to engage in intellectual, educational, spiritual, and social activities related to the profession of nursing. Additionally, Nursing Club strives to serve our surrounding communities in a way that reflects Christ’s love and the nursing profession.

President: Craig Lee

Our club creates a way for people to explore the wilderness of Oregon in community under Christ.

President: Allyx Goodman

The purpose of the Philosophy Club is to provide a productive conversational space in which to expand our knowledge on subjects relating to philosophy as well as refining the process of philosophical reasoning.

President: Jonah Liden

Our goal is to gather a community of people who enjoy taking photos, from beginners to professionals, and help each other learn and grow as photographers. We want to teach students how to use their cameras to their fullest capacity, use photo-editing software, create a portfolio, sell their photographs, and have fun while doing so.

President: Tsacha Hyneman

The purpose of the Politics Club is to cultivate a bipartisan environment where students engage in political discourse and activities.

President: Jonah Liden

The GFU Psychology Club aims to foster a supportive community among psychology students and further discussion of relevant topics through panels and events.

President: Ryan Spengler

In our modern world, it is often assumed that science and religion are in conflict, but through open discussion, the Science and Religion Club explores how they can be reconciled.

President: Greg Conan

Sigma exists to celebrate literary art, encourage student writing, and connect those who love the written word.

President: Hannah Wiley

Sigma Zeta is a national science honor society that includes biology, chemistry, exercise science, math, and computer science majors who want to develop strong connections with faculty and peers through participating in service projects and events related to their area of study.

President: Quinlan Morrow

The Ski and Snowboard Club is a community of people who love to ski and snowboard. Our goal is to provide transportation to Mt. Hood and give George Fox students the opportunity to go have fun up on the mountain.

President: Jocelyn Pedrotti

The purpose of the social work club is to promote generalist social work practice through education and service while fostering interpersonal relationships among and within George Fox University.

President: Michelle Connolly

The GFU SWE Club has a two-fold focus. We want to create unity within the female engineering students at George Fox University by encouraging questions and community, as well as provide both external and internal opportunities to observe professional engineering and post-undergraduate options.

President: Elizabeth Herrera

To provide a space for all skill levels, from beginners to experts, to join in community while playing spikeball. Also to give players the opportunity to attend tournaments.

President: Daniel Cho

Stewards of Sustainability is a community of students seeking to educate and empower the GFU campus with practical options in order to be good stewards of this earth. As our collective of students grows, we intend to provide events, workshops, and educational opportunities that foster inspiring and challenging conversation about how we respect the earth that we have been given and the people with which we share it.

President: Morgan Thaxter

The mission of GFU Students for Life is to establish an active pro-life culture among the students of our community by educating our peers on life and by actively promoting the right to life for all people. (preborn and born)

President: Hannah Thom

The Swing Dance Club strives to maintain a fun and inviting atmosphere by bringing swing dancing to the George Fox community. Our goal is to provide a reprieve from everyday life while fostering positive relationships within our student body.

President: Ryan Nafziger

The Inklings is a creative writing club that strives to cultivate young authors and guide them through the practical processes of writing, editing and publishing their novels and other writings.

President: Sarah Ellis

We are here to foster community, support, and build relationships with students who transferred in with credit from a previous institution. Send an email to connect, we'd love to say hi!

President: Manesha Ram

The Bruin Ultimate Frisbee Club meets twice a week to play ultimate frisbee and fosters an environment of inclusivity, learning, and fun competition!

President: Lydia Taw

Providing a community for veterans and their families.

President: Jeff Brown

The Volleyball Club is a fun environment for anyone interested in playing volleyball to come hang out and enjoy fellowship with their peers. All skill levels are welcome!

President: Ethan Boughal

Young Life College is a weekly gathering of students from all grades who can come experience community and explore their faith in a small group setting.

President: Sarah Thurston