Newberg Campus Emergency Response Plan

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The university has developed a comprehensive 62-page emergency response plan to handle crises of many types. This plan has been reviewed and approved by local police and fire departments. It includes contingencies for housing and feeding students, as well as for providing professional medical help and counseling should the need arise.

Highlights of the plan include:

In the event of a major crisis, the primary location for disseminating information to the university community is Bauman Auditorium. The secondary location is Wheeler Sports Center.

A Crisis Management Team has been formed and will make decisions regarding initial and secondary responses to the crisis.

Emergency supplies such as flashlights, blankets, gloves, emergency generators, and radios are stored on campus.

The Health and Counseling Center would provide medical help and/or counseling at appropriate locations. Campus Public Safety personnel and plant services staff are first aid/CPR certified.

The university has several generators in case of a prolonged power outage.

The university's student life staff have received training that includes emergency protocols.

Members of the George Fox community should refer media inquiries to the director of public information at 503-554-2129. The president or an appointed representative will serve as the spokesperson.

In the case of school closure or emergency, information will be posted online at Updates will also be made available via the university Newsline at 503-554-EVNT (3868).

Contact Information

Parents can call 503-554-2310 to speak to a student lfe representative.

Media should contact the director of public information at 503-554-2129.

In the event of any emergency situation on campus, members of the campus community should first call 911. A second call should be made to Campus Public Safety at ext. 2090 (503-554-2090) to report an incident.

For members of the Crisis Management Team:

Emergency Response Plan