Budgeting & Reporting in Vena


The budgeting process is completed in Vena, our budgeting and reporting software. The budget process for the next fiscal year generally starts in November, and the preliminary budget is completed for the board of trustees meeting in March.

The final budget is approved by the board at the October meeting. You will receive communication from the director of university resources if you are to participate in this process. Training will be provided.

Since the budget is a plan, there are no transfers to be made after the final budget has been approved.


Vena is also used for our reporting tool. The data from PeopleSoft (or our current ERP system) is uploaded to Vena nightly. This means that our reporting is always a day behind.

Access & Training

Permission to these reports is not automatic. It requires an email from your supervisor requesting access for you, and which department(s), program(s) and operating unit(s) you need access to. This communication must contain the alpha-numeric codes. Access can be restricted to “Other Personnel Costs” details. If this is not requested, the person will be set up with full access.

We currently have a limited number of licenses. If there is not a license available, your name will be added to the Vena Set-Up List.

Training will be provided.


Melodee Powers

Melodee Powers

Director of University Resources